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  1. I'm having second thought about being a nurse.
    hi, i would encourage you to stay in school and look for other options. such as, are there any tutors or a math lab or form a study group to help you. math is repetition, the more you practice...
    Jun 19, '06
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  2. Going back to school in fall 06
    hi my summer plans are to have fun, there is a concert in july i want to go to, also do some traveling, i love to travel, other than that i'm open to new adventures. so you have to take classes...
    Jun 17, '06
    Forum: South Dakota Nursing
  3. Going back to school in fall 06
    hi, how did your interview go? did you get the loan? I've had to postpone going back to college for financial reasons, but I'm not giving up, I will try again for next fall or possibly this...
    Jun 11, '06
    Forum: South Dakota Nursing
  4. Going back to school in fall 06
    hi, i agree nursing has alot of work opportunities, i'm working at an IHS hospital, I mainly screen patients to be seen by the provider, i'm located in central south dakota. i enjoy the...
    May 2, '06
    Forum: South Dakota Nursing
  5. Going back to school in fall 06
    hi usdsu i think i'll see alot of ppl my age too. i'm feeling more comfortable with going back to school.:spin: so how long is your accelerated program? And why did you choose nursing? just...
    Apr 24, '06
    Forum: South Dakota Nursing
  6. What do you GIRLS think...???
    I think the nursing profession needs more diversity, and that includes male nurses. If this profession interests you, talk to a male nurse about the experiences he's had. You'll get a better...
    Apr 18, '06
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  7. Going back to school in fall 06
    hi, I'm going back to school in the fall, but currently working as a nurse aide at a local hospital. I have the first 2 years of my bsn, have to go back for the next 2 years. I took two years off...
    Apr 18, '06
    Forum: South Dakota Nursing
  8. What are the item(s) you need most for nursing school?
    Definitely:spin: take the mint:lol2: I think also it's a good idea to have a good study group. The group can look over one anothers care plans, and encourage and help each other. Especially with...
    Apr 18, '06
    Forum: General Nursing Student

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