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  1. Biochem or organic?
    Hi all! My BSN program required 2 semesters of general chemistry with labs, and touched on all concepts (bio, orgo, etc). It seems as though many of the schools I've looked into either require...
    Oct 2
    Forum: Student Registered Nurse Anesthetist
  2. Seeking advice
    I know, another redundant post where I give you all my stats and ask if you guys think I have a shot at being accepted into a CRNA program. Bear with me :) I'd really appreciate any input! RN, BSN...
    Jul 11
    Forum: Student Registered Nurse Anesthetist
  3. oxygen sTaturations
    "He's alert and orientated times four." Hate it.
    Jan 25, '13
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  4. Not a nurse? Then, why does LPN stand for Licensed Practical Nurse?
    I worked as a CNA while in school for my BSN. While I've never been an LPN, I've worked with several in both LTC and acute care. I also get the question (although my badge says RN in large letters)...
    Jan 13, '13
    Forum: LPN / LVN Corner
  5. Job Uncertainty, help!
    thanks so much for your words of kindness :) they helped me to have the courage to speak directly with my boss about this, and she was very understanding and encouraging! I'm not sure what the future...
    Jan 5, '13
    Forum: Oncology Nursing
  6. Job Uncertainty, help!
    Hello all! A little backgroud on myself: I graduated in May 2011 with my BSN. My first nursing job was as a full time float nurse and an amazing experience. I was able to float to various units...
    Jan 3, '13
    Forum: Oncology Nursing
  7. RN wanting to move to MA from SC
    I have lived in western mass for several years now. I did my senior internship at Baystate on their neuro floor. While it is the largest hospital in western mass and certainly carries a great...
    Aug 27, '12
    Forum: Massachusetts Nursing
  8. need info on St. John's Health Center in Santa Monica
    Looking for information on this facility: working conditions, staffing ratios, hourly pay for RN BSN...any tips/advice would be greatly appreciated!!
    Aug 3, '12
    Forum: California Nursing
  9. First month off orientation...reflections..
    Congratulations on your first month, it's quite the accomplishment! :) It's so true - the first year does in fact fly by. It seems like just yesterday I was sitting at a desk taking the NClex and...
    Aug 1, '12
    Forum: First Year After Nursing Licensure
  10. Anyone working in Baystate or Berkshire Medical Center?
    I would assume so. Especially since you've already had an interview, you're "on her list" so to speak and it sounds like she's going to keep you in mind. Good luck!
    Jun 11, '12
    Forum: Massachusetts Nursing
  11. Anyone working in Baystate or Berkshire Medical Center?
    That's so awesome congratulations!! You'll have no trouble getting hours while per diem, especially since summer is starting up. I was worried too before starting to float, but everyone was so...
    Jun 6, '12
    Forum: Massachusetts Nursing
  12. Anyone working in Baystate or Berkshire Medical Center?
    I was in the same position as you last May - applying everywhere and getting nowhere. I applied to Berkshire Medical Center (BMC) even though there weren't many openings listed. Finally I decided to...
    Jun 4, '12
    Forum: Massachusetts Nursing
  13. Do MA facilities hire ADN nurses?
    To be honest, I have my BSN and still had a hard time finding a job in MA. I live in western MA, and started at a hospital in September after graduating in May. Several of my classmates are still...
    Nov 27, '11
    Forum: Massachusetts Nursing
  14. First RN job & it's pay
    I am a new grad BSN and started working in a LTC facility in Massachusetts at $23/hour. I am starting a new job at a community hospital in the Berkshires tomorrow that pays $34 (after my evening...
    Sep 11, '11
    Forum: First Year After Nursing Licensure