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  1. What does your username mean?
    I'm always caffeinated....for reals
    Jun 7, '14
    Forum: Nursing Humor / Share Jokes
  2. Low HR
    In my case, I spoke with the charge RN who hooked me up with the right person. As it was stated earlier, you would want to seek out your own facility's chain of command, as this could vary. I am very...
    May 21, '14
    Forum: Nursing Issues On Patient Safety
  3. Low HR
    What kind of cardiac history (if any) did this patient have? In that situation, I would have gotten an apical pulse and a full set of vitals, in addition to your assessment. I think an EKG was the...
    May 20, '14
    Forum: Nursing Issues On Patient Safety
  4. "Loosing" my license
    Personally, I do not irrationally fear losing my license. Like previous posters have stated, schools may have something to do with this pervasive myth. This myth may also be fueled by lawsuits. I...
    Mar 23, '14
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  5. IV push
    This is why I love having a drug guide!
    Sep 23, '13
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  6. Would you miss the first day of class?
    Do you have a friend that can record the lecture? I was once in the same situation - but instead of the first day, it was a test day. Per my school's policy, I would lose 5% if I took it the day...
    Aug 15, '13
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  7. Recent NCLEX-RN Takers,select all that apply content/Questions
    A majority of my test was SATA...maybe 60-70%. I passed in 75. Everyone is different,though.
    Jul 26, '13
    Forum: NCLEX Discussion Forum
  8. Taking NCLEX - RN tomorrow...
    I took the NCLEX today, too. I swear my test was 50-60% SATA at least - no joke!! Answered 75 questions and got the good pop-up :)
    Jun 17, '13
    Forum: NCLEX Discussion Forum
  9. Initial application approval for NY license
    Thanks for the responses!
    Apr 28, '13
    Forum: New York Nursing
  10. Initial application approval for NY license
    Will I hear anything before the ATT from New York? Will they send me a letter or email saying my app initial app has been approved?
    Apr 28, '13
    Forum: New York Nursing
  11. Initial application approval for NY license
    I applied to the NY BON 2-3 weeks ago (mid-April). I graduate at the end of May from a school out of state. Does NY send a letter or email to let you know if the initial application for licensure...
    Apr 28, '13
    Forum: New York Nursing
  12. Mandated reporting outside of work
    In ny, you do not have to report abuse OUTSIDE of work. Doesn't mean you shouldn't, though, of course. I just completed their child abuse course for licensure and was surprised to learn this.
    Apr 14, '13
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  13. Lazy and disrespectful Nursing Assistants
    As a night shift aide, and based on the number of patients you've stated, I have no idea why your aides seem to have the time to sit around. Sorry you have to deal with this :/
    Mar 23, '13
    Forum: Nurse Colleague / Patient Relations
  14. Sitters/CNA's: Thank you for "doing nothing"
    Thank you for the article. I am a night shift nurse aide, and as part of my job I have to be a sitter quite frequently. The job can be exhausting and very frustrating at times. To be honest, I...
    Mar 22, '13
    Forum: Nurses Rock
  15. LOC or ABC first?
    Wow! I was not expecting so many responses! Thank you! I am no longer going crazy. Haha
    Feb 28, '13
    Forum: Emergency Nursing
  16. LOC or ABC first?
    I feel like this is a silly question, but it is a topic that recently came up in class (I am just about to finish nursing school), and it is driving me off-the-wall CRAZY! We all know that our...
    Feb 27, '13
    Forum: Emergency Nursing
  17. Trouble with understanding pH-related death
    Well, one easy way to think of it is to remember that the proteins in your blood require a certain pH. Messing up that pH can alter the shape of proteins, rendering them less effective or simply...
    Sep 8, '12
    Forum: MICU / SICU Nursing
  18. Oxygen for the anxious patient
    Thank you for your comments. Several of your comments reinforce that I'm not crazy! Lol. To answer a few of the above question, we do not have a physician medical director at the company. We also...
    Jul 6, '12
    Forum: Nursing and Patient Medications
  19. Oxygen for the anxious patient
    Hello, all.I'm currently a nursing student working as an EMT for a BLS company. Several of my coworkers like to offer our patients oxygen for "comfort reasons." Most often, they will note a patient...
    Jul 5, '12
    Forum: Nursing and Patient Medications
  20. Los Medanos ADN Fall 2012
    I would definitely put into consideration the facilities you would be doing clinicals at as an important factor, and how much clinical time and help you'd get both in the classroom and at the sites....
    Jun 10, '12
    Forum: California Nursing
  21. Los Medanos ADN Fall 2012
    I'd have a hard time believing that you would regret LMC. As much as I want to pull my hair out sometimes, I wouldn't choose any other ADN program. If you'd like specifics, feel free to PM me :)
    Jun 5, '12
    Forum: California Nursing
  22. Los Medanos for Fall 2011?
    Well, I hope you end up having the same luck I had last year! I was alternate #15, and I am now nearly 1/2 done with LMC's program. Woot woot!! I believe they may be waiting to announce the results...
    May 4, '12
    Forum: California Nursing
  23. Was pt of sound mind, ER visit needed?
    I think that is some reassuring advice, ambgirl2nurse, and it is an excellent point. In retrospect, I do wish I had done that - just to be absolutely safe, since I did get that "iffy" feeling, and...
    Feb 16, '12
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  24. Was pt of sound mind, ER visit needed?
    GrnTea -This was my partner's rationale, as well. As a new EMT, I cannot help but highly scrutizine my actions just because I want to make sure I am delivering the best care I can, so I appreciate...
    Feb 16, '12
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  25. Was pt of sound mind, ER visit needed?
    I thank you all for your excellent input! Contacting medical control definitely came across my mind. Because my partner, who is a senior employee felt it was better to return to the SNF, and once...
    Feb 16, '12
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion