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  1. MD Anderson Residency
    Congratulations leighanna.hutchinson! I got an email saying I would get a call soon about a offer, so I'm waiting patiently :)
    Apr 11, '13
    Forum: Texas Nursing
  2. MD Anderson Residency
    Still waiting for a call regarding a decision. I called HR today, and she was in a interview so I left her a voicemail. I actually can't believe there is still ongoing interviews for a programs who's...
    Mar 19, '13
    Forum: Texas Nursing
  3. MD Anderson Residency
    Hi everyone, I applied for the 2013 nurse residency program. I had my first interview with HR on 2/26/13, and she set up my 2nd interview that same day for the GN panel on 3/4/13. I think my...
    Mar 15, '13
    Forum: Texas Nursing
  4. MD Anderson nurse internship program spring 2013
    I had my first interview with HR on 2/26/13 and my 2nd interview with the GN panel on 3/4/13. I was asked what area I would like to work in, and which shift preference I had. I have yet to hear back...
    Mar 15, '13
    Forum: Texas Nursing

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