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  1. Herzing College??
    the cost is 23,000 and they will be a next class in jan. i am getting in for sep8 this year
    Aug 28, '09
    Forum: Alabama Nursing
  2. herzing college
    can i keep in contact with you. i am from atlanta so i am planning to rent there so is there school on fridays. did you have any pre-req before. is that why you go 8-12. i want to thank you so much...
    Jul 23, '09
    Forum: Alabama Nursing
  3. herzing college
    well i did the teas and pass lastweek so i am waiting now to hear what next to see if i can get in for sept 7
    Jul 22, '09
    Forum: Alabama Nursing
  4. herzing college
    how far are you in the program? how is it? email at
    Jun 24, '09
    Forum: Alabama Nursing
  5. herzing college
    is there anyone out there that is attending herzing college lpn-rn email me
    May 24, '09
    Forum: Alabama Nursing
  6. Do anybody attend Herzing College B'ham
    can you send me some info i am planning on going sep2009 but dont know much about it
    May 24, '09
    Forum: Alabama Nursing
  7. chattahooche valley cc
    I Am Just Wondering If There Is Anyone Who Apply To Chattachoohee Valley Community College From Ga Or Have Graduated Or Attending Who Can Give Some Info . I Am Planning On Taking My Application In...
    Dec 17, '08
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  8. pay
    what is the pay like in kanas for lpn 10yrs:yeah:
    Apr 24, '08
    Forum: Kansas Nursing
  9. park university
    is there anyone out there that has attended park university that can give any info on how good it is and any other info thank so much.:bow:
    Apr 24, '08
    Forum: Kansas Nursing

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