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  1. Going to Nursing School at an Older Age
    I have not actually enrolled in a nursing program yet, but I have been thinking about it . The growing number of jobs in the health care field is a part of my thoughts for wanting to do this. After...
    Nov 28, '12
    Forum: Pre-Nursing Student
  2. Did I make the right decision?
    I have read and heard that it is better to start as a CNA first, then if you want to go on to be a nurse from there.
    Nov 20, '12
    Forum: CNA/MA - Nursing / Medical Assistant
  3. Nursing Scholarships
    I am looking for information of any hospitals or medical facilities in the Tallahassee, FL area offering full nursing scholarships
    Nov 15, '12
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  4. Going to Nursing School at an Older Age
    Starting a Nursing Career at a older age I am 50 years old and I am thinking about being a nurse. I have been unemployed since 2007. I was attending business school online but see no future. I...
    Nov 4, '12
    Forum: Pre-Nursing Student

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