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  1. Male Nurse asks - Is there a job for me after Disability?
    Sadly, you live in area with no jobs. There were more jobs in the Binghamton area, which I know was pretty poor when it comes to jobs as well. (I used to live very close to there until last year.) ...
    Mar 29, '13
    Forum: Men in Nursing
  2. Does the thought of going to your job make you sick?
    BTDT... Time for a new job or career. Your health is not worth it. I went through years of chronic diarrhea and cramps b/c of work stress... I switched jobs and things got somewhat better, but...
    Feb 27, '12
    Forum: Health / Stress Management 101
  3. Taking time away from career-help!
    I vote work somewhere, anywhere, prn. Do even one shift a month so you are still considered in the work force. You will be hireable that way when you are ready. I am off now a year after having a...
    Dec 14, '11
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  4. psych tech to psych nurse?
    Yes!!! It will help a lot. You will get to do a lot of patient care, vitals, run groups, etc. Do it!
    Dec 1, '11
    Forum: Psychiatric Nursing
  5. holiday pay this year-what??
    We get nothing extra. Well, maybe the pleasure of working short staffed...
    Dec 1, '11
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  6. Nursing vs. Engineering
    I am an RN and my dh is a structural/civil engineer. I don't think I can find anything at all in common with the two, other than we both have people asking us for stuff all of the time. :p One you...
    Nov 30, '11
    Forum: Nursing Career Advice
  7. Do they let family members work in the same floor?
    I work with my mom. We are both rn's. There are several other mother daughter pairs too. It works great especially when covering empty shifts. Therearentas many short shifts IMO when family tries...
    Nov 30, '11
    Forum: Nurse Colleague / Patient Relations
  8. Feeling sick but don't want to call out on first day of orientation
    I would go in unless you are contagious with the flu, stomach bug, strep, or something else you REALLY wouldn't want someone to get. In that case, go to the dr. so you can get a note. If you are...
    Nov 17, '11
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  9. Painless labor?
    My 3 were quite painful, but I almost enjoyed them... I am an oddball that considers labor/childbirth a personal challenge. I think a lot of it is the mindset going in. I won't allow myself pain...
    Nov 14, '11
    Forum: Ob/Gyn Nursing
  10. Only 5 units of insulin per injection site??
    That is CRAZY. There is a limit on how many cc's/ml's one can inject at a time, but not units.
    Nov 12, '11
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  11. How to Cope With Job-Related Anxiety
    Like others said, take some easy classes to start. I was a nervous wreck in nursing school all of the time. It gets better once you settle into a job. Those feelings do decrease after the first 6...
    Nov 12, '11
    Forum: Health / Stress Management 101
  12. New Grad RN offered Hospital Position & Dr.'s office Position Need Advice :-)
    Think of which will make you happy long term. Do you have kids? Do you want to have kids someday? 9 to 5 hours sound so nice with no weekends or holidays. You can easily get daycare for those...
    Nov 11, '11
    Forum: Nursing Career Advice
  13. Aspen University
    Does this program require stats and chem? I know you have to do clinicals..
    Nov 3, '11
    Forum: Nursing Online Distance Learning
  14. Mandatory OT in PA, legal?
    NOT LTC... A small hospital. There is no back up plan in place other than calling all of the staff to see if they want to come in, and there is no policy that someone has to be on call for such...
    Oct 31, '11
    Forum: Pennsylvania Nursing
  15. Happier at work than at home?
    Happier at work no, but less stressed at work? YES! But then I have 3 little kids and a dh who works from home building his own business.
    Oct 29, '11
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  16. Mandatory OT in PA, legal?
    From what I understand, mandatory OT in PA is now illegal, unless there are emergencies, like snow storms, floods, natural disasters, etc. I don't want to give away the facility, but what about...
    Oct 28, '11
    Forum: Pennsylvania Nursing
  17. "If they really cared about their mom, they wouldn't of put her in a nursing home"
    What about when the elderly person does not WANT to live with their adult children or grandchildren? What about when this is their choice?
    Oct 28, '11
    Forum: Geriatric Nurses / LTC Nursing
  18. "If they really cared about their mom, they wouldn't of put her in a nursing home"
    Yep... People need to mind their own business. We have no idea how the parents treated their now adult children growing up. We have no idea if the grown children have jobs they must keep in order...
    Oct 28, '11
    Forum: Geriatric Nurses / LTC Nursing
  19. Family members that work together
    I work right along side my mother. It works out great! We are both RN's. She does charge since I hate it. We get along, though...
    Oct 7, '11
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  20. Would you drive 1 1/2 to 2 hours for a job?
    I have been commuting 1 hr 20 minutes each way since May 09. I only do weekends (every other) and my parents live in the city I work. So I stay there with my family. Considering I have 3 young...
    Oct 5, '11
    Forum: First Year After Nursing Licensure
  21. how to be a stay at home mom and an RN
    I know it is hard wanting to both work and be with your child(ren). I try to find a balance. I take one year off after each kid. JUST one year. No more. More than that, and you won't be...
    Sep 11, '11
    Forum: Nursing Career Advice
  22. Shift change incident--Who's responsibility?
    If you were already supposed to be gone, it isn't for you to do. You are responsible for what happens on your shift. It was no longer your shift, you were just finishing paperwork. The oncoming...
    Sep 11, '11
    Forum: Geriatric Nurses / LTC Nursing
  23. Aspen University
    Is this program regionally accredited?
    Aug 9, '11
    Forum: Nursing Online Distance Learning
  24. Nurses are important to Breastfeeding success
    I would also prefer someone just come out and say they are not interested in bfing. They do not have to say why. They should just say they aren't interested, and are not going to do it. End of...
    Jul 8, '11
    Forum: Nursing News
  25. Nurses are important to Breastfeeding success
    With my first, it was nearly impossible to get time to pump. So I didn't, and got mastitis so often. She weaned at 18 months. My son(s) never took a bottle. DS1 was brought to me at work twice a...
    Jul 7, '11
    Forum: Nursing News