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  1. New Grad Pay in Las Vegas?
    Hi ! Just wondering what the general hourly was for a new grad rn in Las Vegas. Thanks!
    Jun 27, '11
    Forum: Nevada Nursing
  2. UNLV pre-reqs... 2 strike rule
    Hello, I was told that I was inelgible for admission to the nursing major at UNLV because the rule is that you have to earn the correct grade within two attempts at either Math 120 or...
    Aug 12, '09
    Forum: Nevada Nursing
  3. Csn LPN Fall 2009
    Hello, I was wondering if there was anyone on here that is applying for the Fall 2009 LPN program. I was wondering what your TEAS score was and how many points you are applying with. My TEAS score...
    Feb 23, '09
    Forum: Nevada Nursing
  4. UNLV Pre-req questions
    Thanks so much!
    May 9, '07
    Forum: Nevada Nursing
  5. UNLV Pre-req questions
    Hi, from those who have been advised at UNLV I was just wondering if Communication 215 (group communication) from CCSN would fill a humanties credit for UNLV (or does it have to be Communication 101)...
    May 8, '07
    Forum: Nevada Nursing
  6. Well Baby Nurseries
    Thanks BCYOGI!
    Apr 14, '07
    Forum: Nevada Nursing
  7. Well Baby Nurseries
    I'm considering nursing. Do any hospitals in Las Vegas still have well baby nurseries staffed with nurses (not a NICU nursery, just well babies). I think this might be called a Level I Nursery. I...
    Apr 13, '07
    Forum: Nevada Nursing
  8. Maternal/child RN at St. Rose Hospitals
    Is anyone a nurse on maternal/child floor at any of the St. Rose Hospitals in Las Vegas? I was wondering what kind of nurse goes to the deliveries and takes care of the well baby in your room right...
    Mar 29, '07
    Forum: Nevada Nursing
  9. Baby Nurse Career
    Hi! I need some information on a particular field of nursing. At the hospital, an hour before my son was born, a nurse came in and introduced herself as the "baby nurse" and explained what she would...
    Mar 28, '07
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion

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