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  1. Considering Home Health but not buying their story . . .
    Do not do it! For that pay? Please. For one you cannot trust these for first telling you that this will be fun. Since when is going to people's filthy smelly houses fun (their houses are like being...
    May 17, '09
    Forum: Home Health Nursing
  2. Gentiva Home Health
    When I finished nursing school I got tired easily of the hospital and went to work for Gentiva in GA. The orientation made the company look so attractive but obviously they were not the people I was...
    May 7, '09
    Forum: Home Health Nursing
  3. Baton Rouge Area Nursing Pgms
    Don't do Southern with all it's problems! You don't want to invest in a place that has so many problems. I know too many people who either went to southern or goes there now and they had problems...
    Jun 15, '07
    Forum: Louisiana Nursing
  4. Low Graduation Rate for Southen University, Baton Rouge, LA
    Is it true that Southern only had 11 nursing students graduate out of 50 students for the Spring '07 semester?!!!!! I heard that the new chair of the department is trying to step in and make it...
    May 28, '07
    Forum: Louisiana Nursing
  5. Is Southern Nursing School Closing?
    I heard that Southern's nursing school is on probation due to their low passing rate and that they might not be accepting students next semester. I heard that the Dean and the new Chair are very...
    May 2, '07
    Forum: Louisiana Nursing
  6. Southern University Baton Rouge
    I heard that SU has very low passing rate for the NCLEX and they might not be accepting students next semester! Be careful inwhich school you apply to. I also heard that they are very dirty at that...
    May 2, '07
    Forum: Louisiana Nursing