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  1. Nursing in Afghanistan, Iraq etc
    Hi annie_bee. I came across this convo here and you reply is the most recent one so just trying my luck. Im greatly interested in working there as a fulltime Nurse. I dont know where to start off...
    Nov 27, '11
    Forum: International Nursing
  2. Working in Iraq or Afghanistan as a civilian nurse
    Hi tucker144 I came across this conversation and saw that you've been working as a Nurse in Iraq for years now and your reply is the most recent one. I hope you could help me find...
    Oct 21, '11
    Forum: International Nursing
  3. Dubai Nursing Licensure
    Hi Everyone! Im Kathrina, Im currently in Dubai, looking for a Job. Im on the process of getting the exam to be licensed and eventually hired by the major hospitals here as they offer more...
    Feb 25, '11
    Forum: World Nursing

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