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  1. Offered a position in PACU. Sell me!
    Hi PACU nurses! I have been an ICU nurse for 7 years, and feeling burnt out. I have been offered a position in PACU at a surgical hospital. The hospital specializes in orthopedic procedures, and does...
    Jan 8, '08
    Forum: PACU Nursing
  2. ICU to PACU
    Hello everyone. I have been an ICU nurse for 6.5 years. For the last year I have been feeling the need for change, and am interested in PACU nursing. I have an interview at a surgical hospital next...
    Dec 14, '07
    Forum: PACU Nursing
  3. Riverside Methodist (Columbus)
    Hi everyone. I am looking for info on Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus, mainly ICU. I recently relocated to OH and currently work in an ICU at another facility. Any info from Riverside ICU...
    Nov 27, '07
    Forum: Ohio Nursing
  4. PACU in Columbus, OH
    Hello everyone. I have been an ICU nurse for 6 years. I have recently relocated to Ohio, and am interested in transferring to the PACU. Are there any PACU nurses in the Columbus, Ohio area who can...
    Jul 25, '07
    Forum: PACU Nursing