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  1. LPN Refresher Course in Central AR
    I took out a student loan. Some of the other students decided to work for Baptist after graduation for loan forgiveness. I dont remember if it was a year or 2 years that you have to work for them. ...
    Jan 10, '10
    Forum: Arkansas Nursing
  2. LPN Refresher Course in Central AR
    Thanks! I sure hope so. Yes, if they have positions open - they will encourage you to do the PCT job. I was dissapointed that I didnt find out about it until right before I graduated or I would have...
    Jan 8, '10
    Forum: Arkansas Nursing
  3. LPN Refresher Course in Central AR
    Thanks. Girl, I'm not going to lie - nursing school was definitely the most strenuous thing I've ever done. Baptist was really fast-paced for LPN. In the beginning, I tried to work PT while going to...
    Jan 8, '10
    Forum: Arkansas Nursing
  4. LPN Refresher Course in Central AR
    Still looking for a refresher course..even online would do. Anyone know of anything? Also, thought about getting a job as a PCT or CNA while Im studying to take it. Since I graduated LPN, am I...
    Jan 7, '10
    Forum: Arkansas Nursing
  5. LPN Refresher Course in Central AR
    I graduated the Baptist LPN Course a lil over a year ago. Took the test once and didnt pass. For various reasons, I havent taken it again. I've finally buckled back down and am gettin ready to take...
    Aug 12, '08
    Forum: Arkansas Nursing
  6. CNA Test Offered in Central AR?
    I'm a graduate of the Baptist LPN program. Didnt pass my test the first time. In the meantime, I figured I would take my CNA test. I know that once you graduate LPN you are able to take it. Will...
    Aug 12, '08
    Forum: Arkansas Nursing
  7. HELP! Just moved to Akron - anyone know of LPN programs nearby?
    Hello everyone. I just moved up here from Arkansas. I was planning on starting in January but I need to know if part of my credits will transfer to these schools. Anyone have ideas of LPN...
    Sep 25, '05
    Forum: Ohio Nursing

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