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  1. Edcuation after PCT/CNA
    I am going to school to be a pct/cna and i have no furtuher college classes, but i was wondering what careers i can obtain with a pct/cna or a bridge program? I was thinking about after i get my...
    Nov 16, '12
    Forum: Nursing Career Advice
  2. CNA to any bs
    Im looking to start a cna program and then get a degree in child life specialist , i need help about how i would go to getting this, i have no as in anything and no college classes i was wondering if...
    Oct 24, '12
    Forum: Nursing Career Advice
  3. Child life specialist
    Im looking to become a child life specialist, but I have no idea what to take for college, i was wondering if there are any programs that you can get it online without getting a bachelors degree in...
    Oct 18, '12
    Forum: Florida Nursing
  4. RN or BSN?
    I want to become a nurse in pediatric oncology, ive been reading mixed things. Im not sure if i need bsn or just rn in florida!! please helpp!!
    Oct 3, '12
    Forum: Nursing Career Advice
  5. GRANTS, OR scholarships
    Im currently looking for any financial help with paying for nursing school, I currently work for a school district, i'm 20, parents are divorced i would love to write about why i want to get into the...
    Oct 3, '12
    Forum: Pre-Nursing Student
  6. LPN to bsn bridge, i need info:(
    Im currently living in south florida and have decided to become a lpn. My ending result i would like to be a nurse in pediatric oncology... I need some suggestions about what route i should take. Im...
    Oct 3, '12
    Forum: Pre-Nursing Student

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