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  1. Easier to get hired as RN or specialized NP?
    You're welcome, good luck on your path!
    Sep 14
    Forum: California Nursing
  2. Easier to get hired as RN or specialized NP?
    The beauty of the nursing world is that (in theory) you can work in any area you like, or change from one area to another as you grow as an RN. Nowadays, pretty much every nurse is a "general" nurse...
    Sep 14
    Forum: California Nursing
  3. Timeline for endorsing RN license to CA
    Perfexion, did the lady you talk to actually look up your application in the computer with your application number? Did she explain a bit more about what number you would have been able to call and...
    Sep 7
    Forum: California Nursing
  4. Timeline for endorsing RN license to CA
    No, I don't think it makes sense to even apply for a position without a CA license. I cannot be hired until I have one, even if I do currently hold a license in another State. With how slow the CA...
    Aug 29
    Forum: California Nursing
  5. Timeline for endorsing RN license to CA
    Turned my application in the beginning of July even and no change in my "pending" status as of today. It is very frustrating.
    Aug 28
    Forum: California Nursing
  6. Timeline for endorsing RN license to CA
    It's the worst when you get 2 people from the same company telling you opposite info..:no: I called my college first and they sent me to getmytranscripts. When I called gmt, the guy on the phone...
    Aug 26
    Forum: California Nursing
  7. Timeline for endorsing RN license to CA
    I used that website. I printed out the transcript request form from the CA BON, filled my part out (I think it is the top part), and then scanned it to my computer as a pdf. On the getmytranscripts...
    Aug 22
    Forum: California Nursing
  8. How would you handle this?
    I have seen ER techs hang around a department way too long, and way past the point where "respected experience" turned into "acting outside the scope of practice". I would not expect much success...
    Aug 21
    Forum: Emergency Nursing
  9. Timeline for endorsing RN license to CA
    No, still waiting.
    Aug 21
    Forum: California Nursing
  10. Timeline for endorsing RN license to CA
    Go with a check, that way you know when it was cashed and if you can view the cashed check online on your bank's website then you might be able to see your application number. Mine was handwritten on...
    Aug 15
    Forum: California Nursing
  11. Timeline for endorsing RN license to CA
    You can sign up on Breeze with that information plus your Application number (you might have to leave off the first digit of that number), but, as you said, it might not do much good to do so if the...
    Aug 15
    Forum: California Nursing
  12. Recognition of CAPA
    I am a previous ER RN who had a chance to transition to an ASC Pre-Op/PACU/OR job about 1.5 years ago. Am now looking for a new job in the same field and am wondering how recognized the CAPA...
    Aug 11
    Forum: PACU Nursing
  13. Timeline for endorsing RN license to CA
    Hi everybody, chiming in here as well. I too am waiting for my CA license via endorsement. Check cashed on 08/01/14. On Breeze, my status states "pending, educational hx missing", so I called since...
    Aug 6
    Forum: California Nursing
  14. Leaving Job While on Orientation
    How about offering a 2 weeks notice when you sit down with your manager in person to quit? Tell him/her why you are quitting (work hours, family) and offer the 2 weeks as a goodwill gesture. You can...
    Sep 28, '13
    Forum: Nursing and Professionalism
  15. ED nursing tasks/responsibilities:
    1) Cleaning up incontinent patients with C-Diff diarrhea. A lot. Often. 2) Unhooking completely hooked up patients (to monitors and IV fluids/meds) to help them to bedside commode. Help patient back...
    Jun 30, '13
    Forum: Emergency Nursing
  16. What Experience is More Valuable? CNA, EMT or EKG Tech
    Emergency Departments are different throughout the country, but the Emergency Deps in our area do not hire CNAs, only IV certified EMTs. Also, our ICUs do not hire CNAs. Find out what the...
    May 23, '13
    Forum: First Year After Nursing Licensure
  17. Blue about Code Blue
    Our providers are all really good about discussing DNRs with family members. However, the timing of these discussions is not the best when it happens in the ER, while the family is emotional and...
    May 6, '13
    Forum: First Year After Nursing Licensure
  18. Is it really necessary to learn to read an ekg? anyone really use it?
    Yup, your patient is not going to wait for you to whip out your phone and google Vfib as he is about to tank and needs some pads attached.
    May 2, '13
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  19. Praying in the work place
    Come on...Just one sentence prior to this you state that you "...respect other people's religious choices...," yet it is too much to ask of you to be quiet while they take a minute (or less in many...
    Apr 27, '13
    Forum: Nursing and Spirituality
  20. Praying in the work place
    It is offensive because it forces somebody else's lifestyle (in this case, the act of praying) on somebody who does not want this act of praying. I am a spiritual person but not religious, and I...
    Apr 26, '13
    Forum: Nursing and Spirituality
  21. WE WON! Let us know if you do.
    Down to 1 pt in a 35 bed ED. Never seen a clear board..
    Apr 22, '13
    Forum: Emergency Nursing
  22. Difficult orientee
    Is she learning what she doesn't know at home? IF (a big if in my opinion) her attitude is a sign of insecurity and anxiety rather than disinterest then she would be studying at home to fill her...
    Apr 21, '13
    Forum: Nurse Colleague / Patient Relations
  23. How much orientation time for a new grad?
    You might have classes during the day while doing orientation during night shift. You will most likely not work the night before classes, although that has happened before..
    Apr 14, '13
    Forum: First Year After Nursing Licensure
  24. I'm not an ER nurse.
    Maybe the ER is just not a good fit for you? Have you thought about switching to another specialty that would be less stressful?
    Apr 11, '13
    Forum: Emergency Nursing
  25. From the floor to the ER
    We don't have mental health nurses in our ED. We have a trauma, a med, and a psych section and all staff RNs are able/assigned to take any of these areas. Regarding the kids: always have another...
    Apr 8, '13
    Forum: Emergency Nursing