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  1. Filipino Nurses in Norway
    hi @marienaina, i'm also a filipino registered nurse, i just arrived here in italy last november 2012, i just want to ask the process and requirements on how can i get an italian nursing license. i...
    Apr 20, '13
    Forum: International Nursing
  2. "practical nursing training" in an Italian study
    hello! just want to ask on how did you apply for the italian nursing board exam here in italy? i'm new here and i really don't know where to start. i went to different institutions here like...
    Jan 29, '13
    Forum: World Nursing
  3. About the Italian Exam
    hello @RajithaJohn, how did you finish the nursing certificate registration here in italy? i mean what steps/procedures have you done and what are the requirements? we have the same situation and i'm...
    Jan 29, '13
    Forum: World Nursing

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