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  1. Difficulty finding employment after graduation
    I have heard that Homestead, a nursing home on Versailles Road, will hire you as an LPNA. You might want to check them out. Goodluck! Also, check the website for jobs, they frequently...
    Aug 12, '11
    Forum: Kentucky Nursing
  2. RN to BSN
    I am currently in an ADN program, but looking for a good RN-BSN program to transfer to. I have never known anyone to do this. Can anyone reccomend a good school within 1 hour of lexington? I had...
    Aug 5, '11
    Forum: Kentucky Nursing
  3. BCTC Lawrenceburg RN program
    Hello :D , I am starting the BCTC L-burg nursing program/RN in 2 weeks and am very excited! I would love to know as much information that you would be willing to provide reguarding the...
    Jul 28, '11
    Forum: Kentucky Nursing

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