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  1. Philadelphia agencys ??...Please Help
    :spin:If you live in Philadelphia, you are very close to New Jersey. There is an excellent agency in New Jersey that offers a program to nurses with less than 2 years experience. You should give them...
    Nov 1, '07
    Forum: Agency Nurses
  2. No Wonder We Have Sooo Much Shortage Of Nurses
    Hospitals will put up with almost anything from the support staff. The caliber of people this postition attracts is horrific!!!!! No work ethic, caring, or compassion. Administration just need warm...
    Sep 27, '07
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  3. Information Please
    Hi, I have been a nurse for over 25 years, mainly ICU. Years ago I worked in the Burn Unit in Baltimore Maryland as an agency nurse. Before that I did my clinical there. I always admired the Burn...
    Sep 26, '07
    Forum: Burn Nursing
  4. Traveling botox & filler RN?
    I think it is a great idea! There is such a demand for this, and to make it more convenient for the client, would set you apart from the competition! Good Luck/ I wish you were in NJ, I would ask you...
    Sep 4, '07
    Forum: Entrepreneurs in Nursing
  5. anyone work agency in philly or sorrounding areas ?
    I used to work for an agency named Relief Nursing Services, Inc. I worked in the South Jersey Hospitals just outside of Philly. They were very good at meeting my scheduling needs and seemed to be one...
    Aug 8, '07
    Forum: Agency Nurses
  6. Information on Agencies
    I am an ICU nurse with over 20 years experience. I am now considering Agency work. I live in South Jersey (outside of Philly). Can any one recomend a good agency? I got some information in the mail a...
    Jul 30, '07
    Forum: Agency Nurses
  7. Local Travel/NJ
    Would anyone be able to explain to me what a Local Travel Nurse is? What is the difference between local and a regular travel nurse? Is anyone presently a Local Travel nurse in the South Jersey...
    Jul 26, '07
    Forum: New Jersey Nursing
  8. Local Travel/New Jersey
    Hello, I am new to this forum and I love all the information!!! I am presently working as a per diem agency nurse in NJ. I am starting to hear the term "Local Travel Nurses". Would someone be able...
    Jul 26, '07
    Forum: Travel Nursing
  9. Intelistaff bought by Medical Staffing Network
    Hi, There is alot of opportunity with MSN in Chicago. I live in New Jersey but have a friend who works with MSN in Chicago and loves it. Feel free to email me and I will give you her contact...
    Jul 26, '07
    Forum: Travel Nursing

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