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  1. CHARITY SON Spring 2013
    Hi everyone! Well, got my advising letter today. Advising session will be from Nov. 1-14. Hope you all get your letter soon.
    Oct 16, '12
    Forum: Louisiana Nursing
  2. CHARITY SON Spring 2013
    @belle70448, my profile score was an 80.
    Sep 13, '12
    Forum: Louisiana Nursing
  3. CHARITY SON Spring 2013
    Yeah!!!!!!!!!!Got my letter today. I hope you all get yours too!!!
    Sep 12, '12
    Forum: Louisiana Nursing
  4. CHARITY SON Spring 2013
    the waits begins! anyone taking any classes in the fall?
    Jul 19, '12
    Forum: Louisiana Nursing
  5. CHARITY SON Spring 2013
    Well I didn't get in for fall 2012 but hopefully after all the hard work i put in to complete all the pre-reqs will pay off. We wont find out until September-October according to the director.
    May 15, '12
    Forum: Louisiana Nursing
  6. Charity SON Fall 2012
    I called and the profile cut off is 70. Sadly, i didn't get in.
    Mar 28, '12
    Forum: Louisiana Nursing
  7. Charity SON Fall 2012
    does anyone know what the cut off profile score is?
    Mar 27, '12
    Forum: Louisiana Nursing
  8. Charity SON Fall 2012
    Hi everyone! Just joined today. Well, I called Charity yesterday and was told the letter go out on monday! Good luck everyone!
    Mar 24, '12
    Forum: Louisiana Nursing

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