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  1. Funny things patients say !
    Doing OBGYN telephone advice this week, I had a patient ask me, "I'm thinking of trying to get pregnant. How do I stop my birth control pills?" We pass around the TSTB* questions when we need a...
    Aug 7, '01
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  2. Funny things patients say !
    Working in L/D, I had a pt march up to the desk one morning, dressed as cute as could be, hair and makeup perfect, and announce, "its my due date. Here I am!" (needless to say, NO criteria for...
    Jun 28, '01
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  3. funny names for nurses
    My first dentist was Dr Shock. He had terrible breath AND bad dandruff. I hated opening my mouth c his head hovering over mine! :p
    Jun 20, '01
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  4. Nursing Superstitions!
    HazeK and TeenyBabyRN are 100% right on! Those scenarieos are SOOO true!! :cool:
    Jun 18, '01
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  5. Nursing Superstitions!
    Of course, it is universally known among nurses that one never utters the Q word or the S word aloud anywhere inside the hospital building. It is also STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to allow the labor board to...
    Jun 18, '01
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