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  1. HELP!!!!  I made a med error
    I would hope not, many factors go in to this such as did patient suffer ill effects? is there a policy at your facility that requires double checking by another nurse? if the answer is no to all...
    May 16, '12
    Forum: Geriatric Nurses / LTC Nursing
  2. Jobs near Duncan/Lawton for RN
    South Western Medical Center has lots of jobs and hire new grads before they even graduate or hire while awaiting your license.
    Apr 24, '12
    Forum: Oklahoma Nursing
  3. How Long does It take
    you can get a job in Lawton OK right away even before you take boards! they will hire you at 19.00 an hour as a nurse intern then you get a raise when you pass boards.
    Feb 10, '12
    Forum: Oklahoma Nursing
  4. Tulsa pay rates
    with over 15 years experience in small town hospitals i have been offered 30 to 31 per hour full time, try Lindsay or Lawton Oklahoma even Norman hospitals pay 28 an hour!
    Feb 10, '12
    Forum: Oklahoma Nursing
  5. Does Mercy Mem. employee student nurses?
    I agree that Mercy hospital in Ardmore is not doing well as far as patient satisfaction, But good news for you is they hire NEW grads over experienced nurses first IF you do your clinicals there. So...
    Aug 7, '11
    Forum: Oklahoma Nursing
  6. Required 12 Mo Probation in Hospital with Supervised Practice - Any Advice?
    When I applied to Oklahoma by endorsement, they thought it necessary to put conditions on my license for about 5 months for a crime on my record from 14 years ago, During that time no one and I mean...
    Aug 7, '11
    Forum: Nursing Licensure With A Criminal History
  7. Any jobs in the Ada area?
    There is not Nursing shortage in the Ardmore area, There are jobs in Oklahoma city or Lawton, I know there are some there too. Mercy hospital in Ardmore is a joke and the Human Resources department...
    Jul 20, '11
    Forum: Oklahoma Nursing
  8. Appropriate questions.
    Is it an appropriate question for a Doctors office to ask your sexual preference?
    May 31, '11
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  9. Oklahoma Endorsement warning
    Update to my statement of warning Is since getting approved and working with other nurses I have found out that others that have endorsed to OK with squeaky clean records have also been subject to...
    May 16, '11
    Forum: Oklahoma Nursing
  10. Having difficulty getting my OK license
    Oklahoma Board of nursing is SLOW And i mean slow!! Also be prepared to not be given any information as to your status they tell you nothing when you apply. There has got to be a refresher course...
    May 12, '11
    Forum: Oklahoma Nursing
  11. Is being a Male nurse weird?
    My huge problem with being a male nurse is the stigma that i am Gay, which I am not but i get attacked as being such due to it being a female related field. It is not till they get to know me that...
    May 12, '11
    Forum: Men in Nursing
  12. Oklahoma Endorsement warning
    Just to let those Know that if you plan on moving to the state of Oklahoma by endorsement and have any type of criminal history, then plan on at least ONE year to pass before you get your license...
    May 12, '11
    Forum: Oklahoma Nursing
  13. Nursing Shortage? Maybe not so much . . .
    True they don't call for nurses as much as they used to, finding a nursing job is now harder than ever, I used to be able to go in fill out an application and walk out with a job that day, Not any...
    May 12, '11
    Forum: Nursing News

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