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  1. Defining the Criteria for PACU lengths of Stay
    thanks for the feedback!
    Feb 19, '14
    Forum: PACU Nursing
  2. Defining the Criteria for PACU lengths of Stay
    Good day everyone, I'm currently the Acting Unit Coordinator for my hospitals PACU, this year we've decided to seek ways to minimize patients lengths of sty in the unit a sour performance...
    Feb 7, '14
    Forum: PACU Nursing
  3. Policy on length of stay in the PACU
    Hi guys, I just wanted to ask, is there a standard/ideal or policy on how long a patient is allowed to stay in the PACU? for example, should steps be taken in case a patient given spinal anesthesia...
    Nov 22, '12
    Forum: PACU Nursing

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