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  1. UVM MEPN 2011
    I was just accepted to UVM's Adult NP program... anybody know anything good/bad about that program? I have heard mixed reviews..
    Apr 28, '11
    Forum: Vermont Nursing
  2. UVM NP
    Hey all! I was recently accepted to UVM's Adult NP program and have heard both good and bad things about it... has anybody here gone to/is going to UVM's NP program? Any info would be extremely...
    Apr 28, '11
    Forum: Post Graduate Nursing Student
  3. UVM?
    Hey! I go to UVM... I am a senior. Freshman year is tough because of Orgo/Chem. Sophomore year is tough because of Anatomy. Junior year is tough because of Patho & Pharm. Each year has their tough...
    Jun 14, '10
    Forum: Vermont Nursing

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