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  1. Student Loan Spinoff: How much?
    So what kind of job did you work full time? Was it in hospital or it is office job?
    May 21, '04
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  2. Lewis-Clark College
    Is anyone going to Lewis-Clark College now? I am from Washington state but found out it is too hard to get into nursing program in Washington. Does anybody have comments or suggestions about that...
    Nov 21, '03
    Forum: Idaho Nursing
  3. Which RN school did you graduate or are you going?
    Thanks for all the suggestions. I am still studying the pre-req, I think I will consider Shoreline CC since that is the only college takes students to their program every quarter. Thanks!
    Sep 9, '03
    Forum: Washington Nursing
  4. Which RN school did you graduate or are you going?
    I am planning go to nursing school next year, do you know which RN program is good? Beside UW, I am thinking to go to BCC, does any one of you went / are going there? I heard that Shoreline has the...
    Aug 18, '03
    Forum: Washington Nursing

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