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  1. Shenandoah University?
    Riagant: Can you please explain why Shenandoah it is not a good program? Thank you! :)
    Jul 3, '12
    Forum: Certified Nurse-Midwives (CNM)
  2. Is is possible to be a bad nurse and a good midwife?
    [FONT=tahoma]Hey There! So I'm a new nurse and sounds like we have a lot in common. I work on a renal/metabolic med-surg floor and on-call at a water birth center. I LOVE my job at the birth...
    Jul 3, '12
    Forum: Certified Nurse-Midwives (CNM)
  3. Are you Smart enough to be a Nurse?
    I love this post!
    Jul 3, '12
    Forum: Pre-Nursing Student
  4. RN with ADN considering BA in elementary education
    Hey there nurses! I need your feedback. I am a new grad RN working a med-surg floor. I am almost to my 1 year milestone. :) I currently have an ADN & all prerequisites for my BSN completed....
    Jun 29, '12
    Forum: School Nurses
  5. New Grad in the OB
    Congrats on the new job new nurse! :) It makes me happy to see that the "You must have experience to be an OB nurse" isn't always the case. I feel like telling everyone who says you need to do...
    Jun 22, '12
    Forum: Ob/Gyn Nursing
  6. First Job Jitters
    After 100's of applications I have finally landed a PRN registered nurse floater job for RENAL-Medsurg-vascular-pulmonary floors. I feel so lucky to have landed the job, but I feel unprepared and...
    Oct 23, '11
    Forum: First Year After Nursing Licensure

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