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  1. Having kids & working 12hr nights??
    I don't think the op stated she wanted her kids too sleep away from home. I think for her the only job she can get is night shift. Unfortunately trying to get a job as a new RN , you get the more...
    May 4
    Forum: Pennsylvania Nursing
  2. Parents wanting MD
    When I mentioned both of these conditions the mom stated " I was told by a er doc a while back to have it ( the hydrocele ) looked at . The child is 3 and hasn't been seen since he was 9 months old....
    Apr 29
    Forum: Advanced Practice Nursing
  3. Parents wanting MD
    Parents brought their children in today for a school physical and after the exam was completed and I had referred one for a hydrocele and estropia, expressed their displeasure at not seeing a MD...
    Apr 28
    Forum: Advanced Practice Nursing
  4. Graduating with $15K in debt and they wont let me sit for boards :(
    If you didn't register for classes how can they charge you tuition. I don't understand what you mean by sister schools, are they part of a state wide university system , or another college with in...
    Apr 26
    Forum: Nursing Career Advice
  5. Calling yourself an RN
    I have a MA refers to herself as a nurse she triages calls, every rash is measles, so far I've only seen acne , allergic reaction to PCN, not measles SMH
    Apr 19
    Forum: Nurse Colleague / Patient Relations
  6. Strange requests from patients
    I actually told mom no because there was no diagnosis code👀👀
    Apr 5
    Forum: Advanced Practice Nursing
  7. Strange requests from patients
    Ok I get a lot of questions / requests from patients and parents. Yesterday on April 1 I had a parent ask me if I could measure her daughter for a proper fitting bra👀. Immediately I thought this is a...
    Apr 2
    Forum: Advanced Practice Nursing
  8. My ER Rant
    The statement " I wanted you to see how high his/ her fever is" baffles me. The kid is sick with a 104.2 fever and whimpering and you want me too see how high the fever is. Let me show you the door...
    Mar 29
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  9. Might get kicked out today!
    ANi /w na
    Mar 13
    Forum: LPN / LVN Nursing Student
  10. Frustrated
    Lunch forget it if I get 15 minutes I'm happy ,leave at 5 try more like 5:30. Everyone has the same schedule 15 minute appt slots regardless of type of appt they have . Providers have no say in...
    Mar 4
    Forum: Advanced Practice Nursing
  11. Frustrated
    As much as I love my job I'm frustrated with the things that are put in as urgent visits in my already over booked schedule . Today I was triple booked for a 8 month old who was tripping over her...
    Mar 2
    Forum: Advanced Practice Nursing
  12. (IN)Appropriate Dress
    We have designated blue jean days. I wear nice jeans with a nice top and lab jacket. Never had a issue with patients complaint about attire.
    Feb 21
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  13. Immunization
    I have a patient who is traveling to Africa . How do I find out what immunizations are required .
    Feb 19
    Forum: Advanced Practice Nursing
  14. getting unwanted advice from non-nursing staff
    I'm a pediatric nurse practitioner I used to have a receptionist who took it upon herself to advise parents that their child needed a antibiotic upon presenting with a runny nose. Finally one day I...
    Jan 28
    Forum: Nursing and Professionalism
  15. Hot jobs
    Top 25 best jobs for 2015
    Jan 28
    Forum: Advanced Practice Nursing
  16. prerequisites
    As far as I know the only prerequisite is you must have a BSN in order to to get your MSN as a np, not sure how you would be able to take any classes as filler classes
    Jan 18
    Forum: Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)
  17. how to answere qestion in a interview when you have a probation period on your license
    I'm completely confused .
    Jan 2
    Forum: Nursing Interview Help
  18. Can someone clarify on how to get a bsn
    Yes you should be able to transfer credits if it meets the schools requirements.
    Dec 20, '14
    Forum: California Nursing
  19. Practical Nursing - salary raise?
    You need too take off your rose colored glasses
    Dec 20, '14
    Forum: LPN / LVN Corner
  20. Practical Nursing - salary raise?
    Please check out other posts on salary expecting that type of raise is unheard of
    Dec 20, '14
    Forum: LPN / LVN Corner
  21. Practical Nursing - salary raise?
    Are you serious
    Dec 20, '14
    Forum: LPN / LVN Corner
  22. NP's at FQHC Chicago and suburbs
    IMHO I'll never work for a FQHC AGAIN . It's quantity over quality
    Dec 18, '14
    Forum: Nurse Practitioners (NP)
  23. NP's at FQHC Chicago and suburbs
    I am expected to see 30-35 a day in pediatrics. I have been a np for 5 years and somedays it's overwhelming. For a new grad 6 pts a hour is a lot IMHO.
    Dec 11, '14
    Forum: Nurse Practitioners (NP)
  24. new job
    Update 5 weeks into working at my new job I've found all the rumors to be unfounded . I've yet to find any of the remarks with merit.
    Dec 11, '14
    Forum: Advanced Practice Nursing
  25. Finishing program but very hurt and disappointed
    I find it hard to believe that any one would get a award for being the favorite student in clinical . This just sounds like sour grapes . Trust me in the real world of nursing you won't get noticed...
    Dec 7, '14
    Forum: LPN / LVN Nursing Student

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