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  1. 1 year out, no job. Throw in the towel?
    GrnTea. Props for being kind and compassionate to your patients and for going against the culture which can be REALLY hard, especially for a newer nurse. It's important for all nurses to realize that...
    Mar 23, '12
    Forum: Nursing First Job Hunt Assistance
  2. Think im in big trouble!
    At the hospital I work at, I heard the resident speaking to his new team of interns a few days ago, and he said "I expect you to make mistakes, it is part of learning. The only thing that I...
    Mar 23, '12
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  3. How I got my dream job!
    Congratulations on being smart and resourceful. You are going to be an excellent nurse w/that no problem is too great attitude, your patients are going to benefit greatly from it :loveya:
    Mar 23, '12
    Forum: Nursing Job Search Assistance
  4. Virgin Islands
    Thanks for the info. I'm looking into to travel nursing for the first time, and in STT, although I'd like to live on StJ. Any ideas about how feasible that would be? It seems like most travelers live...
    Mar 23, '12
    Forum: Travel Nursing
  5. ST. Thomas USVI Travel????
    Hi! I'm interested in traveling to St. Thomas. Keep us posted on how it goes. My boyfriend is totally in love St. John and is pushing hard for us to move there, but as much as I love a tropical...
    Mar 23, '12
    Forum: Travel Nursing

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