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  1. Sure to Get Flamed for This
    I went to nursing school when I was 40 (just a few years ago), and us older students had the same reaction to the younger students' attitudes. It's definitely a generation gap. The sense of...
    Jul 14, '14
    Forum: Nurse Colleague / Patient Relations
  2. Sure to Get Flamed for This
    This is the crux of it. I made several comments about this in response to the "Do new graduate nurses need a formal residency program?" article. Nursing school today doesn't prepare you to be a...
    Jul 13, '14
    Forum: Nurse Colleague / Patient Relations
  3. Do New Graduate Nurses Need a Formal Residency Program?
    I agree. In school, everyone tells you to do a year or two of med-surg and then you can transfer anywhere. But a lot very good nurses don't like med-surg. My psych clinical instructor told us that if...
    Jul 6, '14
    Forum: Nursing Career Advice
  4. Do New Graduate Nurses Need a Formal Residency Program?
    The clinical requirement for nursing schools is less than 800 hours, and up to 25% of that can be lab simulations. (I know of at least one school in the Denver area that is doing simulations in lieu...
    Jul 6, '14
    Forum: Nursing Career Advice
  5. Do New Graduate Nurses Need a Formal Residency Program?
    I haven't seen anyone comment on the biggest issue - nursing school today does not prepare you to be a nurse, it prepares you to pass the NCLEX. The experience that you can get through a good...
    Jul 6, '14
    Forum: Nursing Career Advice
  6. Need help finding preceptors in Denver area
    I am in the FNP program at Northern Colorado and I am having a lot of trouble finding preceptors for adult health for the fall. I've tried all the usual routes and have come up dry. Is there anyone...
    May 21, '14
    Forum: Student Nurse Practitioner
  7. Metro College Of Denver Acc Bach
    Yes, you'll get the class/lab schedule in orientation. The first clinical isn't until after spring break so you won't get the schedule for that until later. Most of the clinicals have been on...
    Nov 25, '10
    Forum: Colorado Nursing
  8. Metro College Of Denver Acc Bach
    I have had some minor adjustments to a couple of my clinical schedules - just a day or two that were changed and different start/end times, nothing too serious. It gets to be a bit frustrating that...
    Nov 19, '10
    Forum: Colorado Nursing
  9. Metro College Of Denver Acc Bach
    The schedule in the course listings isn't accurate, so don't make any plans based on that. You'll get the full schedule at orientation. We're in third semester and we finish in May.
    Nov 17, '10
    Forum: Colorado Nursing
  10. Metro College Of Denver Acc Bach
    It will be tough to fit the martial arts class in. There are a ton of labs the first half of the semester and then the nursing home clinical is in the second half. It's only 6 days, but you're not...
    Nov 14, '10
    Forum: Colorado Nursing
  11. Metro College Of Denver Acc Bach
    Yes, that's a nice area to live. The buses from there to campus are very convenient. One of the school fees lets you ride the buses and light rail for free (aside from the fee). And bring your...
    Nov 13, '10
    Forum: Colorado Nursing
  12. Metro College Of Denver Acc Bach
    Yes, I'm in the current class. The clinicals are all over the metro area. Overall, it's been a very good experience. There have been some bumps in the road, but they really want you to do well and...
    Nov 12, '10
    Forum: Colorado Nursing
  13. Metro College Of Denver Acc Bach
    Do a google search for "auraria campus housing" and you'll find several options. You do need a car. As for the accreditation, the faculty told us that the people who did the site visit said they...
    Nov 11, '10
    Forum: Colorado Nursing
  14. Fort Hays State FNP program
    Does anyone have any experience with the Fort Hays State FNP program? I am applying to it and I'd like to get some feedback from people who have gone through it.
    Oct 31, '10
    Forum: Nurse Practitioners (NP)
  15. lots of questions about CO nursing schools
    Regis is more expensive than CU and Metro, but it's also shorter. So you have five less months of not working, which more than makes up the tuition difference.
    Oct 19, '10
    Forum: Colorado Nursing
  16. Metro Accelerated BSN
    I am currently in the program. We are undergoing re-accreditation by the NLN, that's probably where the rumors are coming from. This is a standard process that every school has to go through every...
    Oct 15, '10
    Forum: Colorado Nursing
  17. Age Issues and The Modern Male Nurse
    I agree. There are two men over 50 in our class and they bring a great perspective. Of course, I'm 39 so I'm on the older side as well so I might be biased. And it's an accelerated program where...
    Apr 10, '10
    Forum: Male Nursing Student
  18. anyone applying to CU for 2010?
    Sorry to everyone who didn't get in. I'm returning my form declining my spot tomorrow, so at least one spot is opening up for the spring traditional program.
    Mar 31, '10
    Forum: Colorado Nursing
  19. anyone applying to CU for 2010?
    I really like it so far. The teachers are really good, and they do a great job of working the curriculum so you hit the same topics at about the same time in different classes. Like we cover...
    Mar 27, '10
    Forum: Colorado Nursing
  20. anyone applying to CU for 2010?
    That's exactly what I got. I'm turning it down because I started at Metro in January, so for those of you on the call list, at least one spot will be opening up. As for the questions: 1. ...
    Mar 27, '10
    Forum: Colorado Nursing
  21. Regis Alternate Experience
    I was an alternate for the accelerated BSN cohort this May. They said about 35 people stay on the alternate list (the cohort size is about 45 people) and in the past they've had anywhere from 5 to...
    Feb 23, '10
    Forum: Colorado Nursing
  22. Need advice regarding pre-requisites
    The sense I got is that Metro gets the fewest applicants of the three, probably because it's still a pretty new program. CU definitely gets the most applicants by far. The people I've talked to in...
    Jan 2, '10
    Forum: Colorado Nursing
  23. Need advice regarding pre-requisites
    Yes, I took a lot of my pre-reqs through CCCOnline and Metro accepted them, as did Regis and CU. I'm on the alternate list for Regis, and I haven't heard from CU yet although I don't expect to get...
    Dec 31, '09
    Forum: Colorado Nursing
  24. Has anyone taken BIO at CCConline?
    There's nothing on your transcripts that indicate the courses are online so schools have no way of knowing.
    Dec 16, '09
    Forum: Colorado Nursing
  25. CU Nursing
    Jennacoh, read through this forum - there is a lot of information about all the schools.
    Dec 15, '09
    Forum: Colorado Nursing