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  1. Private Colleges???
    Again I think that someone should be careful with Ameritech. They are on probation and are under the microscope by the Utah Department of liscening and the NLNAC. While they are improving, they are...
    Aug 5, '09
    Forum: Utah Nursing
  2. UVU acceptance letters have been sent out!
    I got mine, I will be there with you! Congratulations! I understand that this was the most comptetative semester ever for applicants. See you in the fall, after I pass my Micro class finals on...
    Jun 21, '09
    Forum: Utah Nursing
  3. Any Utah Valley University pre-nursing students here?
    I am hoping to get in for fall of 09 as well. How did you guys do on the TEAS and what are your grades like? I got a 92 on the teas and wonder how everyone else does. Good luck to all hope to see...
    May 13, '09
    Forum: Utah Nursing
  4. Private Colleges???
    Ameritech College has PROVISIONAL state approval. They do not have full state approval They are also on Probation (Memorandum of Understanding) with the state of Utah and are in danger of losing...
    Sep 25, '08
    Forum: Utah Nursing
  5. Private Colleges???
    not sure what i think of ameritech at this point or "private" schools in general. the rumor going around was that ameritech the school was supposed to have an nlnac site visit in spring of this year...
    Aug 14, '08
    Forum: Utah Nursing
  6. Private Colleges???
    I am interested in knowing where you "heard" the information? Are these hiring managers? Actual nurses? Former Ameritech students? I am considering this college too, but dont want to make a bad...
    Feb 26, '08
    Forum: Utah Nursing
  7. Ameritech
    How long did it take you guys to get Jobs? I have signed an enrollment agreement with Ameritech, but I am concerned about the school and what hiring managers think of the "tech" schools
    Feb 26, '08
    Forum: Utah Nursing

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