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  1. MI post heparin drip
    I also agree with MunoRN.
    Sep 6, '14
    Forum: Cardiac Nursing
  2. Acuity based staffing
    The hospital I'm at is starting an acuity based staffing program. I have used Quadramed in the past at another facility and I was wondering what programs other hospitals used, if they're user...
    Aug 28, '14
    Forum: MICU / SICU Nursing
  3. Chlorhexidine Baths
    We don't have the wipes, but we have it in a pump style bottle. We use a few squirts in with the bath water. We're supposed to be getting the wipes. I wonder if putting it in warm bath water reduces...
    May 17, '11
    Forum: MICU / SICU Nursing
  4. Intubated Pt's Using Bedside Comodes
    Grey gull, it's not laziness, I think ambulating an intubated pt has fallen out of favor, esp.when you dont even have the time to get yourself to the bathroom. From my stand point, we barely have the...
    Apr 4, '11
    Forum: Critical Care Nursing
  5. Intubated Pt's Using Bedside Comodes
    I haven't gotten an intubated pt. Oob since I was an aide 18 yrs ago.i think if I suggested that now the other nurses would want me to get a psych consult! Lol. We have a10-14 day limit, then it's a...
    Mar 31, '11
    Forum: Critical Care Nursing
  6. Do you bag your bodies naked?
    My pt the other day coded and passed away. The family waited while we did a "quick" clean up so they could come in asap. When they left, we did the complete post mortem. We have a specific gurney...
    Mar 20, '11
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  7. Vent: MD visitors who are NOT intensivists
    I don't care who you are, if I cannot care for MY patient appropriately with you there You will leave. Because if something goes wrong it will be MY license there going after. And who's to say the...
    Feb 22, '11
    Forum: MICU / SICU Nursing
  8. Vent: MD visitors who are NOT intensivists
    My answer: They're in critical condition, you'll have to get any and all info from the family d/t FEDERAL HIPPA LAWS. Sorry..............
    Feb 21, '11
    Forum: MICU / SICU Nursing
  9. Help! New nurse and arterial lines!
    We use "vamp" set ups. On central/a-lines, I came across an issue I wasn't told about. We have s 10 cc chamber in the set up for our "discard" that we reinfuse after we draw blood. Well there is a...
    Feb 16, '11
    Forum: Critical Care Nursing
  10. Need some Precedex advise
    I agree Getoverit. We dont use it very often, I have yet to see the effects as advertised. Lol:yeah:
    Feb 16, '11
    Forum: MICU / SICU Nursing
    Question......if I'm dumping blood in as fast ask can, they're on pressure bags etc. Do I need to flush with saline before I hang the next unit? Or can I just keep going. We do have a 2unit or 4hr...
    Feb 16, '11
    Forum: Critical Care Nursing
  12. Can I bolus this patient? A legal / practice question about sedatives and narcotics
    Can I just say OMG, OMG, OMG. Propofol has never been legal here to push even prior to MJ. Not even during rapid sequence intubation. MD only! This whole conversation has me wondering about where I...
    Feb 1, '11
    Forum: MICU / SICU Nursing
  13. Anyone using bloodless glucose monitoring for intensive insulin therapy?
    Icudavis, I would love to hear about the non-invasive glucose monitoring. I didn't know there was such a thing. At my facility, it does not matter if It's peripheral or not. Central line is preferred...
    Jan 25, '11
    Forum: MICU / SICU Nursing
  14. what are common times to run IV's in ?
    DeLana, I guess there was s study done somewhere, that showed (don't quote me) better absorption, efficacy. We used to give over 1hr. Now its s pain, your holding up an iv line for 4 hrs.
    Jan 16, '11
    Forum: CCU Nursing / Coronary / Cardiac
  15. what are common times to run IV's in ?
    We go by Gerhart's IV Infusion book for all iv meds. Kcl 10 meq 1 hour peripherally Kcl 20 meq 1 hr central line only. Mag 2 gms 1 hr centrally CA+cl (per our intensiveist) 2 amps (diluted in...
    Jan 15, '11
    Forum: CCU Nursing / Coronary / Cardiac
  16. Increase of super morbidly obese patients?
    OMG You're not kidding, we special order "SizeWize" beds that are supposed to automatically turn your patient. They also have a button for "big turn" to use when you're rolling them over to assess...
    Jul 28, '10
    Forum: MICU / SICU Nursing
  17. Ambulate with Femoral Lines
    Oh no, I don't think so. Fem lines are considered "diry" lines and are to be removed asap anyway. Just thinking of ambulating anyone with any kind of fem line gives me the heebeejeebees.:smackingf
    Jul 24, '10
    Forum: CCU Nursing / Coronary / Cardiac
  18. just finished week #1 of being an ICU nurse
    I was a new grad 2 yrs ago. Scared to death. I had a great preceptor and great classes/orientation. I still get a bit anxious at times when I get a very sick patient. I have the pleasure of working...
    Jul 24, '10
    Forum: MICU / SICU Nursing
  19. Nurses pulled to other units
    Are you a Union hospital? It doesn't sound like you are. Everyone's right, your license is on the line, not to mention lives.
    Jul 23, '10
    Forum: Critical Care Nursing
  20. stopcocks
    I'm laughing because whom ever wrote about changing your sheets made me smile.I never had to change the sheets yet but had to change the whole aline (we use a "vamp set up) that has a small stopcock...
    Jul 20, '10
    Forum: CCU Nursing / Coronary / Cardiac
  21. Labeling IV lines
    We don't have a protocol. We don't even have fancy stickers for the tubing. But, it's good practice for all involved to label the lines. Protocol is all our lines have to be dated. When I get a...
    May 27, '10
    Forum: MICU / SICU Nursing
  22. anyone else having low unit census?
    South of Boston here, I work in a 16 bed unit, we've been about 1/2 full lateley althought the rest of the hospital has been pretty full to the point we have med/surg patients because we can't move...
    Apr 26, '10
    Forum: MICU / SICU Nursing
  23. Levophed vs. Neo
    I guess I apparently CAN read since there is more than 1 person to stand by the fact that yes you do indeed infuse levo and neo peripherally if need be. There was no need for the rudness, I was at...
    Mar 7, '10
    Forum: MICU / SICU Nursing
  24. Levophed vs. Neo
    I stand corrected. I went back to work and asked my senior nurses. Yes we do give it peripherally but we try to never do that. We also try to give bicarb alone without anything running with it. I...
    Mar 4, '10
    Forum: MICU / SICU Nursing
  25. Who Draws blood from a-lines??
    Only RN's or Resp. for A-lines, Only RN's for Central lines and only RN's from our IV team for Picc lines. And in extreme cases where there is absolutely no access other than a Vas Cath, The resident...
    Feb 17, '10
    Forum: MICU / SICU Nursing

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