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  1. What is the best experience to transfer into ER?
    I transferred into a Level one ER after 6 months experience in an Intermediate Medical Care. The types of patients I took care of there were to sick to be on a med surg floor and not sick enough to...
    Apr 25, '12
    Forum: Emergency Nursing
  2. DUI reporting and IPN help!!!
    There was no accident involved they pulled mo over doing 45 in a 35 outside of a 45 zone and unfortunately I had made a horrible decision that night to drive instead of letting the girl I was with...
    Jan 3, '12
    Forum: Nurses / Recovery
  3. DUI reporting and IPN help!!!
    I need someones help really bad and quick. I work as an RN in Florida in the ER and as of last week was convicted of a DUI Misdemeanor that I receive in August of 11. I have heard numerous things...
    Jan 2, '12
    Forum: Nurses / Recovery