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  1. Tired HH nurse
    I have been in home care for 15 years. I used to love it, but all these responses sound very familiar. I've worked as case manager and clinical supervisor until I just couldn't do it anymore. I ended...
    Feb 24, '13
    Forum: Home Health Nursing
  2. Fasting labs?
    We don't have a lot of fasting labs. You might want to clarify with the provider if the requested labs really have to be fasting. Most of our patients are geriatrics and I find that the physicians...
    Feb 24, '13
    Forum: Home Health Nursing
  3. Here is an example of a clincal finding narrative for SOC
    Love your narrative, it paints a great picture of why you're admitting the patient, however I don't believe areas that are covered in the oasis need to be repeated.
    Jan 28, '13
    Forum: Home Health Nursing

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