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  1. private duty nurse
    Hi Jen,Can you let me know your email address?Thanks .Namaste123
    Jan 11, '12
    Forum: Private Duty Nursing
  2. private duty nurse
    Hi There! Can I get the name of the NY agency?
    Aug 14, '11
    Forum: Private Duty Nursing
  3. Help any NY Medicaid Providers!
    :confused:Hi There! Please help! I have applied for my RN Medicaid Provider Number. I keep getting the paperwork sent back to me because of the disclosure of ownership form. I have always worked for...
    Aug 11, '11
    Forum: Private Duty Nursing
  4. NYC Agencies
    Does anyone know of agencies hiring in NYC that accept Medicaid patients?
    Aug 7, '11
    Forum: Private Duty Nursing
  5. Physician Orders in PDN
    I recently moved to NY state. I received my RN license and work in Private Duty Nursing. I never received a copy of the Nurse Practice Acts for NY as I did before in other states. The problem I...
    Aug 3, '11
    Forum: Private Duty Nursing