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  1. USM accelerated BSN May 2011
    Hi everyone! Just an update- I graduated in August from the USM accelerated BSN program and am now employed :) To answer the questions- my previous credentials- BS in biology, MEd in education...
    Oct 28, '12
    Forum: Maine Nursing
  2. USM accelerated BSN May 2011
    So I have a confession- I have never actually visited the USM campus. But my family will not be moving for me to attend school so my options were UNE, USM, and SMCC or YCC. I did the research and...
    Dec 29, '10
    Forum: Maine Nursing
  3. USM accelerated BSN May 2011
    Hi everyone! I have been a lurker for some time and just now have a real reason to post :) I was recently accepted to USM's accelerated BSN program beginning May 2011. I have one prerequisite to...
    Dec 15, '10
    Forum: Maine Nursing

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