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  1. Hoping to be a Dialysis nurse
    currently im in the philippines and don't know where to train... yeah my grandmother told me that i should go to a community and i was hoping to train as a tech and a nurse lets say to be more...
    Apr 16, '08
    Forum: Dialysis / Renal / Urology
  2. Warning Nurses!  Holding It All In Can Kill You!
    yeah this job is really stressful even if your still a student good thing i've got hobbies like my band great article it should be stickied :D
    Apr 15, '08
    Forum: Health / Stress Management 101
  3. Hoping to be a Dialysis nurse
    good day to everyone, i've just got my degree in nursing BSN and hoping to continue my education and i've decided to get Dialysis... could somebody here in forum could point me out what...
    Apr 15, '08
    Forum: Dialysis / Renal / Urology
  4. im confused
    hmmm thats really hard hehehe thanks again for clarifying that i've gone to the Philippine regulatory commission and they say it depends on the department of labor here in the philippines and at...
    Mar 29, '08
    Forum: International Nursing
  5. im confused
    hmm to clarify in order to get a stateboard exam and NCLEX is a Local Board is that the pre requisite sorry i can't ask my teachers about my status i feel ashamed that they would say im boastful...
    Mar 26, '08
    Forum: International Nursing
  6. im confused
    good day to all, im a filipino senior student and a greencard holder the problem are the ff: A. Do i need to take my Philippine Board exam? (regarding im not gonna work here in the...
    Mar 25, '08
    Forum: International Nursing

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