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  1. This made me think today..
    Did you ever read Water for Elephants? It's narrated by a 90+ year old man in a nursing home as he recalls his life...I listened to it on tape driving back and forth to work. It really makes you...
    Nov 25, '13
    Forum: CNA/MA - Nursing / Medical Assistant
  2. 57 and need to start over YET AGAIN!
    Esme, My heart goes out to you! So sorry for the disrespect that you are experiencing. How about online instructor? Gee, just from reading your posts here, I'd go to you in the blink of an eye...
    Mar 11, '13
    Forum: Nursing Career Advice
  3. 57 and need to start over YET AGAIN!
    carolLee Ann Good Luck with your search! I feel your pain....
    Mar 10, '13
    Forum: Nursing Career Advice
  4. 57 and need to start over YET AGAIN!
    Wow! Just exactly what I have been experiencing! I keep applying to places, and just about everything that looks like it might be a go...then it finally hit me - age discrimination! It's nice to see...
    Mar 5, '13
    Forum: Nursing Career Advice
  5. It isn't just new nurses not finding jobs!  Where's the shortage?
    I have been a nurse for over 35 years. Unfortunately, I don't live in the land of opportunity. After many years of 2nd shift, every other weekend, all those holidays, living with the threat of...
    Jan 24, '13
    Forum: Nursing Career Advice
  6. I confess...I'm a nurse who doesn't want to work in a hospital again
    I too, would love to get out of hospital nursing! I've been in it for over 30 years and simply cannot stand the changes. The priority is no longer the patient! I've had several interviews including...
    Oct 19, '12
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  7. Written up and confused.
    This kind of thing is exactly why I would never encourage anyone to go into nursing at this point in time! It's only going to get worse as far as non-clinical management setting priorities and goals...
    Oct 11, '12
    Forum: LPN / LVN Corner
  8. cheap and fast way to MSN
    Learner, If it's "cheap and fast" I'd be a little leary of the whole thing....just sayin...
    May 3, '12
    Forum: Post Graduate Nursing Student
  9. Has Nursing hardened you?
    Wow! to all the responses. I believe that "enjoy" isn't really the correct word...I feel lucky that I have had this nursing career for so many years. I've been blessed to have been able to welcome...
    Apr 25, '12
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  10. Has Nursing hardened you?
    Grn Tea, Perfectly said! And - I'd like to officially join the "Crusty Old Bat Society"!!! Thank goodness for the crusty old bats...
    Apr 24, '12
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  11. Breaking into Case Management ?
    Katie, Thank you for your response. I did not expect that a course would guarantee a CM position, just wondered if it would help....certainly not looking to take the CCM exam - just that that...
    Jan 15, '12
    Forum: Case Management Nursing
  12. Breaking into Case Management ?
    What would be a good way for a clinical nurse to break into case management? I have seen several courses online that range from college courses to certificate courses, to CEU courses. Is the ANCC...
    Jan 10, '12
    Forum: Case Management Nursing
  13. Old nurse, ? MSN  pros & cons
    Suni, Thanks for your reply. It helps to know that we may be crazy - but at least we're not alone!
    Nov 27, '11
    Forum: Post Graduate Nursing Student
  14. Old nurse, ? MSN  pros & cons
    I've been trying to justify finishing my MSN degree at the ripe old age of 60...had to stop due to family and financial obligations. I just can't get it out of my mind - like it's calling me to do...
    Nov 24, '11
    Forum: Post Graduate Nursing Student
  15. Which one of these...
    Wow! I would definitely lean toward the one you can pay out of pocket. But, you have to look at the program, curriculum, reputation, work load, etc. Good Luck!:twocents:
    Nov 7, '11
    Forum: Post Graduate Nursing Student
  16. Capella University vs. Walden
    W, Thank you for your thoughtful replies. It was so well written that I called Capella. The admissions advisor seemed a tad pushy to me :confused:, which sort of surprised me. I was also...
    Oct 25, '11
    Forum: Post Graduate Nursing Student
  17. Capella University vs. Walden
    W, What about price of Capella & financial aid and/or scholarship opportunities?????
    Sep 22, '11
    Forum: Post Graduate Nursing Student
  18. Reasonably priced online MSN program?
    Looking for a reasonably priced (cheap) online MSN program. Any suggestions Please?
    Aug 1, '11
    Forum: Post Graduate Nursing Student
  19. Any other geriatric MSN students out there?
    Just wondering...I started a MSN program but needed to stop for a while due to extended family situations...The idea of returning is still haunting me, but like so many - I am suffering from...
    Jun 26, '11
    Forum: Post Graduate Nursing Student
  20. Statistics course advice
    RNTX 2002, Thanks for the good info. I am also looking for an online stats course. I have seen this one before, but now cannot get into the web page. Any suggestions? :confused: Thanks!
    Jun 3, '11
    Forum: Certified Nurse-Midwives (CNM)
  21. Post BSN decision
    Jeyre 1847, For over 40 years nursing has been attempting to achieve the same degree of professionalism as other professions. I'm all for furthering your education, and advanced degrees. ...
    Nov 29, '10
    Forum: Post Graduate Nursing Student
  22. I need 25 people to answer the following question....
    To llg That's an excellent response! And, by the way - I love the Mulder quote! I live right next door to Quonochontaug!
    Sep 3, '10
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  23. I need 25 people to answer the following question....
    Actually -- No, I would not. :idea:
    Sep 3, '10
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  24. Transition from RN to CNM within the same facility??
    Before I even read the responses I wanted to say to you that the problem is with your co-workers and not you - just so you realize that. No, I have not been in the same position as you. But, I have...
    Aug 25, '10
    Forum: Certified Nurse-Midwives (CNM)
  25. Stafford federal loans - grad school online
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. (could you tell that I was sort of freaking out over this?...) I appreciate your response! Thanks.:yeah:
    Jul 28, '10
    Forum: Post Graduate Nursing Student