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  1. What will YOU do with your first "real" paycheck!?
    Catch up on saving for a new house with a backyard for my son! Once we have a backyard (we live in a condo now), I will get him the puppy and playscape he's been asking for. Saving to take a two week...
    Jul 12, '12
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  2. OVER-40 Fall 2012 Nursing Students--Roll Call
    Hello everyone! Well, I will be 43 next week and I am currently in Pharmacology and will begin clinical courses for an ADN in September. Hopefully, 18 months after that, I will be getting...
    Jun 21, '12
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  3. Schoolcraft College
    I too would recommend AP I & II, especially since often BIO 236 (the combined course) does not transfer to other schools. As for the TEAS, strategically, I would sign up to take it just as I was...
    Apr 18, '12
    Forum: Michigan Nursing
  4. Schoolcraft College
    Well, if you really want to be a nurse, and the spring semester starts in a few weeks, I would sign up for A&P1 and then pick a date to take the TEAS and sign up for it. Begin studying for the TEAS....
    Apr 17, '12
    Forum: Michigan Nursing
  5. Medical Terminology class--useful?
    I am starting an ADN program in September 2012 and I was worried about not having had a medical terminology course (mine doesn't require it either) especially since I have no previous medically...
    Apr 16, '12
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  6. Schoolcraft College
    The TEAS is a standardized test. You sign up (the dates fill up quickly), pay and take the test. There is a study guide (several actually) you can buy and Schoolcraft (as well as other schools) offer...
    Apr 10, '12
    Forum: Michigan Nursing
  7. Schoolcraft College
    I don't really understand why everyone is hung up on the wait list at a community college? I started at Schoolcraft in May of 2009 and by the end of the semester in December 2009 had completed...
    Apr 2, '12
    Forum: Michigan Nursing
  8. Schoolcraft waitlist
    Hi gstahl2012! I just noticed this today and I just sent you a creepy stalker friend request as well. I should however warn you that apparently I do not have enough posts to send and receive...
    Mar 13, '12
    Forum: Michigan Nursing
  9. Anybody going to Schoolcraft for Nursing?
    Hello! I start Nursing 102 in a week and also Fundamentals in September 2012 after just about two years at Schoolcraft!
    Jan 9, '12
    Forum: Michigan Nursing
  10. Schoolcraft waitlist
    Take the first half of AP and schedule your TEAS date immediately (the test dates fill up quickly). I started back to school in May of 2009, applied to Schoolcraft's ADN program in December of 2009...
    Jan 9, '12
    Forum: Michigan Nursing
  11. Question for Current Schoolcraft Nursing Students
    I began taking prerequisites in May of 2009 at Schoolcraft. I submitted my paperwork the day grades posted in December of 2009 and got a letter a week later welcoming me to the fall class of 2013. I...
    Oct 14, '11
    Forum: Michigan Nursing
  12. Getting through Pre-Requisites @ Schoolcraft.....
    Hey gstahl4 ... we will be in the same Chemistry class in the fall. I also have AP 237 all day on Friday and I am registered to take the TEAS in November. I took BIO 101 in the spring and Algebra...
    Aug 6, '09
    Forum: Michigan Nursing
  13. Getting through Pre-Requisites @ Schoolcraft.....
    Hi SREED1966 ... Wow, we seem to be on the same path. I am starting BIO 101 in two weeks, Algebra in the Summer and in the Fall AP 237 and Chemistry. Hoping to take the TEAS in November. Its my...
    Apr 28, '09
    Forum: Michigan Nursing

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