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  1. Anyone attending BPCC in Louisiana?
    I not sure about cumlative GPA or retakes. Sorry!! I'm hoping to apply next spring as well. Keep me posted on what the advisor tells you about the cumulative GPA and retakes!
    May 30, '12
    Forum: Louisiana Nursing
  2. How many much older (40+) students out there starting classes? (I'm 47)
    Wow ! So glad to come across this thread! I needed this! I just turned 41 this month and start my first semester of prereqs Thursday!!! I am so nervous but excited as well. This will be my very first...
    May 29, '12
    Forum: Pre-Nursing Student
  3. Anyone attending BPCC in Louisiana?
    I am starting my prereqs now. Summer semester starts on Thursday. First time at BPCC but Ive heard good things. When are you starting?
    May 29, '12
    Forum: Louisiana Nursing

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