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  1. Nurse educators in very high demand
    Heogog53, I'm still here!! AND IT IS CREEPY in the am. I work as the Ed Coor/Infection Control Nurse with Alcohol and Drug Addiction center (ADATC)and we are still at the "old campus". But will be...
    Jan 24, '10
    Forum: Nursing News
  2. Nurse educators in very high demand
    Heo No, not anymore, it is a new "state of the art" facility built across the steet!!!!!!!!!! I spent some time there for my clinical and it was very nice if not a little to spread out. ...
    Jan 24, '10
    Forum: Nursing News
  3. Nurse educators in very high demand
    I know one hospital that has adds for 3 or 4.
    Jan 23, '10
    Forum: Nursing News
  4. nursing home/assisted living facility that offer free cna training i durham area?
    Central Regional Hospital in Butner.
    Jan 5, '10
    Forum: North Carolina Nursing
  5. Liberty University MSN in Nurse Education
    I spend about 2-3 hour per day M-F, much longer on weekends, for research time for projects and such..... All three are very do-able. Pharm and A&P (for my classes) covered cases studies r/t a dx. ...
    Dec 9, '09
    Forum: Nursing Educators / Faculty
  6. Liberty University MSN in Nurse Education
    I am currently enrolled in LU MSN online. I am in my second Track Course (Clinical). If all goes well I will graduate in May 2010. I stated out MSNEd but d/y job changes switched to CNS.. I LOVE...
    Dec 8, '09
    Forum: Nursing Educators / Faculty
  7. Anyone applying to Lynchburg General School of Nursing?
    Good School ... Good Luck!
    Nov 11, '09
    Forum: Virginia Nursing
  8. Least expensive online MSN in education program
    Look into Liberty Univ. @ I'm just completing my clinicals. It has been very do-able. No GRE required. They have CNS and MSEd tracks. fgoff
    Jul 10, '09
    Forum: Nursing Educators / Faculty
  9. Detox Nursing
    I've worked at a ADATC for almost a year now.
    May 16, '09
    Forum: Psychiatric Nursing
  10. Graphing  VS
    Hello all! My DON would like to try to graph TPR (mostly temps). I've found a couple of examples online. Would any one be willing to share the one you use. Or is this such an old idea that it...
    Apr 24, '09
    Forum: Nurse Management
  11. Evidence Based Practice
    Feb 17, '09
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  12. Compentency documentation
    It is a work in progress. I would like to avoid the skills check off forms and just have asigned compentancy statement that the observer noted the skill completed using current policy/procedure....
    Jan 23, '09
    Forum: Nursing Educators / Faculty
  13. Compentency documentation
    1BlessedRN, Thanks for the input! I guess my facility has made the "simply request that they become incorporated" because I'm charged with "get everyones compentecy folder up to date". By...
    Jan 8, '09
    Forum: Nursing Educators / Faculty
  14. Who has read Echo Heron?
    I read Echo's books while I was in nursing school. When my mother asked what was so haed about nursing school I gave them to her to read. She quit bugging me after reading them.
    Dec 29, '08
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  15. Why should family presence be allowed in the ER?
    I too agree that family (SO) presence is helpful to pt and to the family in the ER. (As well as the floors or units). I dofeel strongly that an educator/advocate be on site with the family to gauge...
    Dec 24, '08
    Forum: Emergency Nursing
  16. Compentency documentation
    msutton, Thanks for your reply, I'm looking into the program. I work for a state agency and don't spend much when it comes to nursing esucation. The philosphy of the day "is do more with...
    Dec 24, '08
    Forum: Nursing Educators / Faculty
  17. Compentency documentation
    hey everyone! merry christmas! i was just wondering. when you do skill competencies for new employees or for annual up-dates, do you have a skill check sheet for each procedure or just a list...
    Dec 23, '08
    Forum: Nursing Educators / Faculty
  18. North Carolina Roll Call
    Hi Aborablepuppy, I'm in Granville County too! Good luck with your test! Did you attent GVCC for your classes? fgoff
    Nov 20, '08
    Forum: North Carolina Nursing
  19. A Patient Who DOES NOT Belong in Minimum Security!!
    If this parient assaultive you can press charges. Notify your supervisor and call the autorities to make the report to them. We have similar inappropriate placements on our rehab wards. Try...
    Nov 14, '08
    Forum: Psychiatric Nursing
  20. Online MSN?
    Sadie Ladie, Classes are going well. I'm in my 6th class. Like any program some instructors are better at thier jobs than others. However, NONE of the instructors I've had so far did not or could...
    Oct 21, '08
    Forum: Nursing Educators / Faculty
  21. Free CNA Training?
    Central Regional Hostipal in Butner has the CNA class for new hires. It may be a little far to drive. But there are shuttles out of Raleigh. Good Luck! fgoff
    Oct 16, '08
    Forum: North Carolina Nursing
  22. Restraint Instructors
    The restraint guidelines that my facilitity must abide by are written by the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services. Try that web sight.... When I get to work I'll try to look up the regs.
    Sep 1, '08
    Forum: Psychiatric Nursing
  23. Pharmacology/Drug Calculation Tests
    My staff are already employeed (after hire, not applicants)and are paid for the time to take the test. Also paid during the study/coaching sessions if needed! It is part of thier job. As to the...
    Aug 7, '08
    Forum: Nursing Educators / Faculty
  24. Pharmacology/Drug Calculation Tests
    We give a pharm/calulation test after hire. The new nurse (& travelers) gets a study packet and have 1 month and three attempts to pass. A different test is given each time. If a nurse is unable to...
    Aug 6, '08
    Forum: Nursing Educators / Faculty
  25. Online MSN?
    Hilundlass, I'm attending Liberty U. online for my MSNEd. I did not have to do take a GRE but there was some GPA cut off for nursing courses. I'll be in my 5th & 6th classes starting in...
    Jul 29, '08
    Forum: Nursing Educators / Faculty