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  1. Dehydration CAA
    Hi All! Do you proceed on the dehydration CAA if a resident is NPO and gets all fluids from his Gtube feedings/flushes? I have always been taught to proceed since the resident is NPO but I am now...
    Apr 23
    Forum: MDS Coordinator Information
  2. initial MD visit
    How many days after Facility admission does an MD have to see his Medicare resident if he did NOT see the resident in the hospital? Some here are saying 2 days, others say 3 days and still others say...
    Mar 5
    Forum: LTC: Directors Nursing / Assistant
  3. Vision in care plan
    If a resident cannot participate at all in the visual screening due to severe cognitive deficits, we code vision as "highly Impaired" on the MDS. Would you proceed to the care plan? What would be the...
    Feb 12
    Forum: MDS Coordinator Information
  4. Functional ROM
    Would you code a resident that is non ambulatory due to generalized weakness and deconditioning as impaired ROM lower extremities? The resident's passive ROM is WNL - he is simply too weak to stand...
    Feb 2
    Forum: MDS Coordinator Information
  5. ADL and rehab
    We have a resident who only gets out of bed daily (with rehab staff only) to go down to the rehab gym. While there he ambulates in the hallway 10 ft with stand by assist and transfers with minimal...
    Oct 27, '14
    Forum: MDS Coordinator Information
  6. Care plan question
    We have recently started using a computer system for our resident care plans. In my "paper" experience, I have always felt that less is best so our care plan were on the simple side: Meds a/o -...
    Jul 22, '14
    Forum: MDS Coordinator Information
  7. Talino- help please! Question about setting ARD
    Opening the MDS on or after the ARD might be a problem when doing the resident interviews. The interviews are to be done during the observation period - not after. If you open the MDS after the ARD...
    Feb 16, '14
    Forum: MDS Coordinator Information
  8. can my DON force me to work the floor?
    If you had read further you would have seen that I clarified my earlier post to say that I said that refering to the fact that it seems like I will never retire due to a recent divorce. I didn't...
    Apr 10, '13
    Forum: MDS Coordinator Information
  9. Today's Dr. Phil shocker: Nursing home abuse
    I couldn't have said it better!!!
    Jan 10, '13
    Forum: Geriatric Nurses / LTC Nursing
  10. D/C Assessment
    Section J1800 asks "has the resient had any falls since admission/entry or reentry or the prior assessment (OBRA or scheduled PPS), whichever is more recent". The definition of a "Prior Assessment"...
    Jan 10, '13
    Forum: MDS Coordinator Information
  11. next quarterly
    Now that the time frame between MDSes is based on the ARD, here is a question I have. I have a resident who's 92nd day was 1/5/13. She is not interviewable. I was going to start the MDS today but she...
    Jan 8, '13
    Forum: MDS Coordinator Information
  12. coding antibiotics
    Does anyone code Bactroban as an antibiotic in section N? We frequently use Bactroban applied to the nares for residents with MRSA of the nares but we haven't coded it as an antibiotic but now we are...
    Nov 20, '12
    Forum: MDS Coordinator Information
  13. Exclusions for Antipsychotic meds
    Can someone tell me which dx/MDS coding will exclude a resident from triggering on the QMs for antipsychotic meds without a diagnosis? I know it is Huntingtons, Tourettes, Schizophrenia,...
    Nov 8, '12
    Forum: MDS Coordinator Information
  14. skilled note
    Does anyone have a weekly medicare skilled note checklist or template that they would be willing to share? We can't seem to get a decent weekly skilled note from our nurses.Thanks.
    Oct 24, '12
    Forum: MDS Coordinator Information
  15. can my DON force me to work the floor?
    "I am curious, OP,... if you have been an MDS coordinator for 21 years and plan to work for 40 more, how old were you when you graduated and took your position? LOL the math kinds looks like you were...
    Feb 16, '12
    Forum: MDS Coordinator Information
  16. can my DON force me to work the floor?
    I need some advice. I have been an MDS coordinator for the past 21 years. Due to some restructuring in management, it looks like I might be put on the "on call" rotation. For my building, the on call...
    Feb 15, '12
    Forum: MDS Coordinator Information
  17. section M question
    Thank you!
    Oct 20, '11
    Forum: MDS Coordinator Information
  18. section M question
    A resident developed a deep tissue injury that we coded on his last MDS as a stage 4 - Deep Tissue Injury. It has since opened and is now a stage 2 pressure ulcer. Should I code this as a "worsening"...
    Oct 19, '11
    Forum: MDS Coordinator Information
  19. cheat sheets for ICD0 coding
    Does anyone have a cheat sheet for the most common ICD 9 codes for LTC? We recently added a part time position to our MDS department and our system has such crazy abbreviations for ICD9s that it's...
    Oct 6, '11
    Forum: MDS Coordinator Information
  20. leaking around foley
    With the new 3.0, should we still be coding leaking around a catheter as an incontinence episode? I don't see that stated anywhere in the RAI manual.
    Mar 25, '11
    Forum: MDS Coordinator Information
  21. BIMS and PHQ-9 completion dates
    So the person doing the BIMS and PHQ would be signing the MDS prior to the ARD. If they have other sections of the MDS to complete as well, then they would be signing the MDS twice, correct? Once...
    Mar 23, '11
    Forum: MDS Coordinator Information
  22. After 2 months..what do you think of the MDS 3.0?
    I just keep thinking - Could they have possibly made this MDS any more confusing?? For us and for the resident. I consider myself an intelligent person, I've been an MDS Coordinator for 20 years, I...
    Mar 22, '11
    Forum: MDS Coordinator Information
  23. BIMS and PHQ-9 completion dates
    Can someone tell me where in the RAI manual it states to complete the BIMS and PHQ-9 interviews on the ARD rather than after the ARD like the rest of the MDS? My SW completes the interviews and...
    Mar 22, '11
    Forum: MDS Coordinator Information
  24. learn to say it correctly!!
    the one that makes me the craziest: the resident used a pencil to "itch" under his cast! Don't they mean "scratch" under his cast????
    Jan 26, '11
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  25. Majorly stressing, need advice!
    The one thing I have learned about people who always turn the problem around onto someone else's shoulder is that they do it because they think they can get away with it. You need to sit down ASAP...
    Jan 26, '11
    Forum: Nurse Management