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  1. Applying for licensure by examination in multiple states
    I know that none of the three states are compact. I also know that you can test, apply for a license in home state then apply for reciprocity. But my question is to cut out those months in between...
    Apr 22, '12
    Forum: NCLEX Discussion Forum
  2. Applying for licensure by examination in multiple states
    Hi everyone! I have a question so far no one has been able to answer for me, but maybe someone else on here has been in a similar situation and knows how this works... I graduate in July and will...
    Apr 21, '12
    Forum: NCLEX Discussion Forum
  3. Roseman Univ at South Jordan, UT campus...
    i am in the last couple months of the program, i thought the program itself was easy but the administration is absolutely heartless and a nightmare to deal with. at times it felt like the...
    Mar 22, '12
    Forum: Utah Nursing
  4. Second Degree BSN, where to go?
    Hello, Wondering if anyone could help me with a dilemma.... I am in between two programs- The University of Southern Nevada satellite campus in Salt Lake City, UT 18 month program which uses block...
    Dec 19, '10
    Forum: Pre-Nursing Student

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