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  1. Online Anatomy & Physiology?? (accredited!)
    was the tuition expensive for the Ocean County College NJ
    Jan 26
    Forum: Pre-Nursing Student
  2. Happy Thanksgiving, EC peeps!
    I read a thread from a couple of years ago about how you took CLEP for Lifespan, if you still have helpful information, I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm enrolled in the EC program and nervous....
    Jan 13, '13
    Forum: Excelsior College Online Nursing
  3. excelsior BSN?????????
    How was your experience w Excelsior? start to finish?
    Nov 14, '12
    Forum: Excelsior College Online Nursing
  4. looking for online Sociology or psychology. Help
    @ Ruralgirl: are there any prereq's to meet for classes? micro in particular
    May 9, '11
    Forum: Nursing Online Distance Learning
  5. Online Biology 156 @ Rio Salado
    is Rio accredited
    Nov 18, '10
    Forum: Nursing Online Distance Learning
  6. Chemistry
    I am looking for an accredited online chemistry course with a lab. Anybody know of one?
    Feb 14, '10
    Forum: General Nursing Student

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