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  1. How "Wake Tech Community College" Nursing Program works.
    To anyone who has been accepted to the program at wake tech within the last 3 years, could you share what your point total was when you applied? Thanks
    Aug 22, '12
    Forum: North Carolina Nursing
  2. Duke ABSN - Spring 2013!
    Hey, I'm also invited to the club. However, is anyone else concerned about the cost? After receiving my financial aide offer, I'll be forced to take out about 40 grand in private un-subsidized...
    Aug 16, '12
    Forum: North Carolina Nursing
  3. Duke ABSN - Spring 2013!
    Hey Christina, I'm not a native North Carolinian so maybe my perspective will help. The first thing to be aware of is the heat and humidity. There's nothing you can do about it except dress...
    Jul 7, '12
    Forum: North Carolina Nursing
  4. Duke ABSN - Spring 2013!
    Thanks piebird, Seems like it will be a pretty short one on one interview then considering the schedule that was sent out. Even if there are only 6 people per group, and there are four groups...
    Jun 30, '12
    Forum: North Carolina Nursing
  5. Duke ABSN - Spring 2013!
    Hey! I chose Monday the 16th. It looks like the main parts of the day are the Faculty interview, campus tour, group interview and the CND tour. I'm confused about the last two. What is the...
    Jun 30, '12
    Forum: North Carolina Nursing

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