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  1. Does your Hospice cover ABT for UTI's and URI's?
    Thanks for the input; much appreciated!
    Nov 10, '12
    Forum: Hospice Nursing
  2. Does your Hospice cover ABT for UTI's and URI's?
    Yes, Lifepath in Florida does. Yes I agree, treating the bladder cramps, and probable urinary retention related to a UTI, and treating the pain, SOB, and anxiety associated with dyspnea...
    Oct 21, '12
    Forum: Hospice Nursing
  3. Corporate Capitalism Interferes with Nursing Ethics
    After working in a nursing home for over two years, I continue to struggle with the realization, that nurses today can no longer offer consistent quality care to our institutionalized older adults,...
    Oct 17, '12
    Forum: Geriatric Nurses / LTC Nursing
  4. Weird, but missing my old state's nurses union!
    I worked at a nursing home/rehab center in Florida two years ago. I had read the article, "Overview: Health Care and the Aging Population: What are Today's Challenges?" (author: Ella Kick, DNSc,...
    Oct 17, '12
    Forum: MICU / SICU Nursing
  5. Nurse pressured to admin IV lasix by DON w/o notifying MD
    I work in a nursing home rehab center in Florida. Administration has a policy, that nurses are to call the DON before we call the doctor or 911, if we feel a patient needs to be sent to the ER for...
    Sep 16, '09
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  6. Dementia Can Kill You!!
    I would have immediately called 911, notifying the police, about this situation of patient and caregiver endangerment and neglect, especially since the neighbor was aware of the gun(s). I'm sure the...
    Aug 25, '09
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  7. Nurses with ADD/ADHD?
    I started using Vyvanse, which was great!! Then I switched med. insurance companies after divorcing, and Vyvanse wasn't covered; too expensive for me. My doctor has me on Focalin XR 15mg. which is...
    Jun 29, '09
    Forum: Health / Stress Management 101
  8. Nursing and dealing personally with ADHD
    Hi, If you read all the threads, then I'm sure you've read mine. I graduated 12/08 from a 2 yr. RN program. What helped was going to the school's disability counselor who, every semester, typed...
    Jun 25, '09
    Forum: Nurses With Disabilities
  9. Nurses with ADD/ADHD?
    Hello out there, I graduated from RN Nursing school Dec. 2007. I had been an LPN for over 20 yrs. I was diagnosed with ADHD about 2 yrs ago, and CAPD 3 yrs before that. Well, I'm 50 yrs old...
    Oct 22, '08
    Forum: Health / Stress Management 101
  10. Nurses with ADD/ADHD?
    I decided to become an RN five years ago, at the age of 45. At that time, I was blind-sided by divorce after 25 yrs., I had recently been diagnosed with CAPD (Central Auditory Processing Disorder),...
    Jul 14, '08
    Forum: Health / Stress Management 101
  11. Covering tele for a non-tele nurse
    My Nursing Process IV Instructor, who was also a former Telemetry Charge Nurse, informed our class that you must inform your supervisor of your lack of experiance and request to be given orientation...
    Jun 11, '08
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  12. Nurses with ADD/ADHD?
    I have ADD; I did much better in nursing school after my doctor prescribed Straterra. (I never tried any other drug). Finally, I could read an entire chapter without my mind wandering every ten...
    Apr 13, '08
    Forum: Health / Stress Management 101
  13. Half of U.S. Nurses Bullied on the Job
    I'm a newly hired nurse, and I am going thru my preceptorship on a telemetry unit. While observing a cardiac cath procedure, one of the cardiologists welcomed me to the hospital. He informed me that...
    Mar 28, '08
    Forum: Nursing News
  14. Getting Started on
    Thankyou for the introduction; a voice adds a welcome human touch to your site.
    Mar 27, '08
    Forum: How To Use Site

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