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  1. Telemetry Nursing
    Yearly from the hospitals I worked before going to an agency.
    Sep 28, '12
    Forum: Nursing Issues On Patient Safety
  2. Telemetry Nursing
    I can't find anything as far as laws, does anyone know if it's okay to take care of tele patients after certification has run out? I haven't been recertified in over a year and my agency wants me to...
    Sep 27, '12
    Forum: Nursing Issues On Patient Safety
  3. New to Agency
    I've been off work for a year with Lyme (it went to my spine and I was paralyzed several months, rehabbed now and better). I was let go by my former employer of 12 years due to exhausting all LOA, I...
    Sep 27, '12
    Forum: Agency Nurses

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