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  1. It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year
    Dec 18
    Forum: School Nurses
  2. Did You Go Into Nursing For One Specialty?
    I thought I wanted to be a lactation consultant. After I graduated I started working in pediatrics during the interview process I was told I would need to float occasionally to Newborn Nursery - I...
    Dec 9
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  3. School Nurses
    In Texas the requirements vary for each school district. The district I work in requires RN license but not a BSN nor do they require certification. We need 2 years experience but a few nurses have...
    Dec 8
    Forum: School Nurses
  4. who has taken a pay cut, willingly
    I felt like I took a pay cut when I went from hospital nursing to being a school nurse - but when I sat down to figure out the pay was just about the same considering I work 176 days out of they year...
    Dec 5
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  5. Vitals?
    Depends on what they are complaining about. Respiratory issues - HR, RR, Temp, pulse ox; Headache - temperature; c/o dizzy - full set of vitals; vomit - temperature; chest pain complaints - full set...
    Dec 3
    Forum: School Nurses
  6. Wanting to be a school nurse in texas, what do I need to have or do?
    I am in North Texas area - just need to have 2 years experience though our district has hired a couple of nurses right out of school. In my area getting your foot in the door is hard - once nurses...
    Dec 2
    Forum: School Nurses
  7. Head Lice!
    I wish our district would change the policy regarding lice. We are still sending kids home immediately with live lice, they are allowed back the next day with nits as long as they have been treated...
    Nov 19
    Forum: School Nurses
  8. Middle School/High School and Supplies
    Ice packs - before I had a fridge in my office I would fill up a little 12 pack cooler with ice from the cafeteria and keep that in my office for the day - I would have ice available if needed. I...
    Nov 18
    Forum: School Nurses
  9. Newsletter topics
    We have a monthly school newsletter for parents - my principal likes us to write a little blurb each month. I have several little articles, bits of information, school policy stuff etc that I rotate...
    Nov 17
    Forum: School Nurses
  10. Standing Orders
    EpiPens, Oxysure use, Aspirin for adult staff incase of chest pain, and random OTC first aid stuff (contact lens solution, caladryl, saline eye drops, bactine, H2o2 etc). We can give Tylenol,...
    Nov 13
    Forum: School Nurses
  11. Do you have a blood glucose meter in your office?
    I have one in my office (TRuResult brand) but it is only used as my back up for my diabetics in case theirs fails or run out of strips. We do not test kids unless there is a doctors...
    Nov 12
    Forum: School Nurses
  12. What degree of fever to send kids home from school?
    Temp 100 or above = go home and can not return until fever free without medication x24 hours. Diarrhea - I send kids home if they have had 2+ episodes, need to stay home if 3+ episodes, can return...
    Nov 11
    Forum: School Nurses
  13. Teachers and staff medical info and emergency contact number
    We have an Emergency Medical Form that is filled out by the staff every year - lists emergency contacts and any health issues they may have. Most of the time the staff will just come and tell me...
    Nov 6
    Forum: School Nurses
  14. Rejected now what?
    I decided to go the LVN route then transfer to a LVN-RN program. Finished my year long LVN program in summer 2005, started LVN-RN program in Spring 2006, finished that May 2007. Took me a year...
    Nov 5
    Forum: Pre-Nursing Student
  15. Do you look...
    I look and then call parents. I have a hard time with looking at throats - unless the throat is flaming red, enlarged tonsils etc - alot of times I just can't tell if there is something going on. ...
    Nov 3
    Forum: School Nurses
  16. Dealing with parents with attitudes when it comes to policy
    We also have an overnight trip for 5th graders - usually the 3rd week in October. We hold a parent meeting at the beginning of September. During that meeting all the camp details are reviewed...
    Oct 30
    Forum: School Nurses
  17. How do you store epi pens?
    ORiginal box in a ziplock bag filed alphabetically in a basket in a cabinet.
    Oct 27
    Forum: School Nurses
  18. Poopy Pants in PreK
    I call parents first to let them know - some parents will drop what they are doing and come up to school to take care of the situation others are ok with me assisting with cleaning. I do have a few...
    Oct 27
    Forum: School Nurses
  19. Do you keep clothes in your office?
    I have K-5th grade and keep a small amount of clothing - mostly for the younger kids. I stopped buying extra stuff last year - since I rarely get anything returned. If a kid comes in soiled with...
    Oct 27
    Forum: School Nurses
  20. Ebola!
    Our district is writing our policy now. I can forward the info to you when it is completed.
    Oct 20
    Forum: School Nurses
  21. Newbies Who Want to Pay ZERO Dues Schedule-Wise
    It would be nice for the holidays to be rotated around - everyone take turns, but that rarely happens. One place I worked at had a what I thought was a good plan when it came to Xmas Holidays. ...
    Oct 17
    Forum: Nurse Colleague / Patient Relations
  22. Student Allergy Shots
    No way would I do that - risk is way too high for a reaction, especially if they are moving up to the stronger serums. I am a parent of a kid that has been on allergy shots for 7 years - we have had...
    Oct 17
    Forum: School Nurses
  23. Medication Refills
    Everything electronic for me also. If a parent is in front of me to turn in a refill I will count out the meds with them and make a note of it in Eschool. Sometimes a parent will drop it off at the...
    Oct 14
    Forum: School Nurses
  24. Medications
    Scheduled daily meds are locked in a cabinet - bottles are just lined up in the order I give them thru the day. OTC meds are labeled with student name on container and placed in a basket inside a...
    Oct 9
    Forum: School Nurses
  25. Do you keep snacks in your office?
    Cafe manager started to save the unopened items for me - I now have a fridge FULL of orange/apple juice, milk & choc milk, cracker, chips etc. This idea is working great for me.
    Oct 8
    Forum: School Nurses

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