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  1. New Requirements for License Renewal
    Got this in an email from the OK BON this week: "Effective January 1, 2014, Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses licensed in the State of Oklahoma must meet continuing qualifications...
    Apr 20, '13
    Forum: Oklahoma Nursing
  2. Caseload for a Full time Case Manager
    I averaged 12 patients when I was working at my last agency. The agency did not consider travel time when scheduling my visits. I had patients up to 1 3/4 hours away from me that required daily...
    Jul 11, '10
    Forum: Hospice Nursing
  3. Getting Calls When Not On Call?
    I worked a long day yesterday. I went in early, stayed late, and barely had time to eat lunch. If one patient hadn't declined a bath, I would have still been working at 7:00 p.m. (Yes, the nurses are...
    Feb 6, '10
    Forum: Hospice Nursing
  4. In Search of Online World History
    Thanks for the link, will check it out. My community college doesn't offer it online and the online school I'm taking classes with right now doesn't have it either.
    Jan 31, '10
    Forum: Nursing Online Distance Learning
  5. Please Help a Student out with an Assignment - This is actually sort of fun :)
    Some kind of stress management program/services for nurses. Maybe a package deal from a day spa specifically for nurses at a significant discount: a massage every week, aromatherapy treatments,...
    Jan 31, '10
    Forum: Nursing Student Assistance
  6. In Search of Online World History
    I am down to my last few prereqs for my chosen online RN-BSN program through Southwestern Oklahoma State University. This semester, I'm taking A & P II, Dev Psych, and Public Speaking through...
    Jan 31, '10
    Forum: Nursing Online Distance Learning
  7. Use of pulse oximetry in hospice
    In both the current hospice I work for as well as the one I was with previously, we were not permitted to carry O2 sat meters. As the post above mine explains, we will use O2 for comfort in...
    Jan 29, '10
    Forum: Hospice Nursing
  8. What specialty do you work in and why do you Likeit? Hate it?
    Hospice-love it. More time with patients, less time spent charting, and having weekends and evenings off is great too. I was formerly on med surg Hated it. I hated being inside for over 12 hours,...
    Jan 9, '10
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  9. The Concerns of My Loving Wife
    I started in the hospital on the day shift, working 3 twelves. It was nice to have 4 days off every week, but it took some planning and paying attention to my physical health to ensure that I had the...
    Jan 9, '10
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  10. Stress level on a neuro floor
    I worked on a neuro med/surg floor for 16 months with pt load of up to 7. I didn't find caring for neuro patients to be any more stressful than the medical patients (pneumonia, COPD, GI bleeds, etc)....
    Jan 4, '10
    Forum: Neurological Nursing
  11. Much Older People Going Into Nursing
    Your post reminded me of the RN who mentored and trained me in hospice. She works 60-70 hours a week, both as clinical coordinator of a hospice and DON of a LTC facility. She has more nursing...
    Dec 28, '09
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  12. Much Older People Going Into Nursing
    I started nursing school when I was 43 years old. I excelled in my nursing clinicals and ranked at the top of my class on every exam. By my second year, I was being paid by the school to tutor...
    Dec 27, '09
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  13. CLEP Natural Sciences & Humanities
    I CLEP'd Humanities with very little prep time. I think it is doable if you are already very familiar with a wide variety of art forms, musical styles, and literature. My childhood was steeped in...
    Dec 26, '09
    Forum: Nursing Online Distance Learning
  14. Medical staff rude to my brother;complicated;advice please
    I've only been in hospice nursing for 2 months, but one thing I know for sure is that terminal cancer is painful; controlling the pain of terminal cancer patients is one of the greatest challenges of...
    Nov 29, '09
    Forum: Nurse Colleague / Patient Relations
  15. pt. load for case managers
    Tewdles, do you make all nursing visits on those 12-15 patients, or do you also have an LPN? I'm just trying to figure out what to expect at my new job. (I also need to learn to assert myself...
    Nov 22, '09
    Forum: Hospice Nursing
  16. pt. load for case managers
    Thanks, Tewdles. I'm serving a rural area of Oklahoma. I've already made the decision to leave this company and have accepted a position with one that is local to my area. I will have an LPN and...
    Nov 19, '09
    Forum: Hospice Nursing
  17. pt. load for case managers
    I've had up to 13, usually12, but do not have an LPN and, in some cases, no aid either, which means I do all pt visits and bathe some of them as well. I've averaged 7 visits per day until this...
    Nov 18, '09
    Forum: Hospice Nursing
  18. Carter Home Health/Hospice?
    Can anyone tell me about Carter Home Health/Hopsice? I'm currently working for a hospice that is headquartered approx 2 hours from my home and am seeking a position that is located in my area. The...
    Nov 8, '09
    Forum: Oklahoma Nursing
  19. Pathophys of End Stage Disease?
    I know. It's amazing to me too. I keep a couple of bottles of water in the car and drink frequently while I'm driving and have already located the cleanest gas stations/travel stop shops in the towns...
    Sep 29, '09
    Forum: Hospice Nursing
  20. hard is Chemistry?
    I'm taking chem online. It's pretty much self-taught. There is no lecture, though the instructor does include power points in the online materials. I have an A average right now, but it's not been...
    Sep 26, '09
    Forum: Pre-Nursing Student
  21. Pathophys of End Stage Disease?
    By way of introduction, I've been a nurse for 18 months; I was in Med Surg before starting in Hospice 2 weeks ago. I'm still on orientation but am starting to go out on my own to see some of the...
    Sep 26, '09
    Forum: Hospice Nursing
  22. Hospice Nurses...please read my thread
    I just finished reading this and have tears in my eyes. I've been an RN for 16 months and have spent that time on a Med Surg floor much like the one you described. Many of patients have been total...
    Sep 5, '09
    Forum: Hospice Nursing
  23. What Exactly Does a Case Manager Do?
    Thank you so much for your reply! I was wondering if it was something I would want to do. I did end up applying for the job and have an interview this week. It will be nice to go into it with...
    Aug 10, '09
    Forum: Hospice Nursing
  24. What Exactly Does a Case Manager Do?
    I saw an ad in the paper over the weekend for a Hospice Case Manager position. In the hospital where I work, "case manager" means discharge planner. Is it the same in hospice? Or are all hospice...
    Aug 5, '09
    Forum: Hospice Nursing
  25. SAD interfers with me successeding in nursing
    I have SAD. I did not tell anyone at work about it, at least not at first. If it comes out now as part of a casual conversation, I don't worry about it. My first winter as a nurse was rough. I...
    Aug 3, '09
    Forum: Nurses With Disabilities

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