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  1. Alberta LPN jobs
    I found a job 3 weeks after I first applied - graduated as an LPN (from Vancouver) with no experience. 6 months later, I landed a stellar clinic job with AHS. Monday - Friday, 0800 - 1600:w00t: ...
    Sep 5, '12
    Forum: Nursing in Canada
  2. I am not sure if I should do the LPN route first
    Sorry to hear about your dear husband. I took my LPN in Vancouver and am actively pursuing my degree in nursing while working full-time (making money and gaining skills) It has to suit YOUR...
    Sep 5, '12
    Forum: LPN / LVN Nursing Student
  3. Athabasca Post LPN to RN - How long did it take you?
    Hello, I have just enrolled in the Post LPN to RN degree at AU. I am in the process of having my prior post-secondary credits transferred. Yay! This goes out to anyone who has taken the program,...
    Sep 5, '12
    Forum: Canada Nursing Programs
  4. LPNs in Canada? (Calgary, Alberta specifically)
    I live in Edmonton AB and have had no difficulties finding full-time work. Best of luck.
    Sep 5, '12
    Forum: Nursing in Canada

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