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  1. What is a passing HESI score?
    My program requires us to take the HESI exit exam to pass the program, and we need an 850 to pass. What percent of questions do I need to get right to get a 160? Does anyone have any tips?
    Oct 10, '12
    Forum: HESI Exit Exam Help
  2. Pay for new nurses at Virginia Hospital Center
    Does anyone know the base pay for new nurses at Virginia Hospital Center? Also are there differentials, and if so what are they?
    Jan 8, '12
    Forum: Registered Nurses: Diploma / ADN / BSN
  3. Marymount Accelerated Fall 2011
    Thanks for the info on breaks and classes! Mamz1 is you are looking for housing I would love to talk to someone else about it, you can feel free to message me.
    Jun 1, '11
    Forum: Virginia Nursing
  4. Marymount Accelerated Fall 2011
    Hey all! I was accepted to the program a couple months ago and am very excited! Are there summer classes with this program? Also I am moving from Vermont to go down there so am looking for...
    May 20, '11
    Forum: Virginia Nursing
  5. MCPHS Manchester Fall 2011
    Hey! I got into the program as well, and am looking for a roommate and apartment. I am not familiar with the area and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions.
    May 19, '11
    Forum: Massachusetts Nursing
  6. Marymount Accelerated Fall 2011
    I was accepted about a month ago as well, and am very excited! I am still waiting to hear from a couple of other schools, but I likely will attend Marymount. I too will be moving from afar and at a...
    Apr 21, '11
    Forum: Virginia Nursing
  7. need info about marymount's bsn program
    I just got accepted today and am excited! I have not seen the school yet and am waiting on hearing from a couple of other schools before I go down. How many people are in the program?
    Mar 17, '11
    Forum: Virginia Nursing

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