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  1. Trinity University
    I just got a call today. I got accepted too! =) I am so happy cuz Trinity was my first choice! Let me know if you decide to go there as well! =) Congrats to both of us!!! ^^
    Feb 25, '11
    Forum: Washington DC Nursing
  2. Trinity University
    I see.. Maybe I should call them tomorrow cuz I applied end of Jan. It has been more than 2 weeks.. No..I only applied to Trinity because I want to keep my full time job. I couldn't find any...
    Feb 24, '11
    Forum: Washington DC Nursing
  3. Trinity University
    Hi AMM430! I also applied to Trinity nursing program! I am still waiting to hear from the school. I was told that I should know by end of this month tho.. When did you apply? I hope we both...
    Feb 24, '11
    Forum: Washington DC Nursing

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