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  1. Kennesaw Spring 2013 applicants
    I just found out that I have been accepted into the Accelerated program!! :D
    Oct 10, '12
    Forum: Georgia Nursing
  2. Kennesaw Spring 2013 applicants
    It seems as though a majority of us on here did not get letters, so I think it's just a matter of how close you live to campus and the speed of the mail system :/ Wishful thinking, though.
    Oct 9, '12
    Forum: Georgia Nursing
  3. Kennesaw Spring 2013 applicants
    No letter for me, either. Hopefully it comes tomorrow!
    Oct 9, '12
    Forum: Georgia Nursing
  4. Kennesaw Spring 2013 applicants
    I know it is a bit too early to even think about this, but I will probably be commuting to class from Lawrenceville, so if there is anyone in the surrounding area that is thinking about doing the...
    Sep 25, '12
    Forum: Georgia Nursing
  5. Kennesaw Spring 2013 applicants
    Thank you, crjohnson10210! That was extremely helpful :) Good luck on your tests!
    Sep 19, '12
    Forum: Georgia Nursing
  6. Kennesaw Spring 2013 applicants
    I had my interview today and it went pretty well. My interviewer was extremely nice and she tried her best to make me feel comfortable! Have answers prepared and try not to be nervous because it...
    Sep 17, '12
    Forum: Georgia Nursing
  7. Kennesaw Spring 2013 applicants
    Hello! I'm also applying to the Accelerated Nursing program for Spring 2013 :) My gpa is 3.7 and I got an 86 on the TEAS exam. I currently attend UGA, but I cannot wait to finish my degree and...
    May 9, '12
    Forum: Georgia Nursing

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